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Qieq’ars (Que-a-arrs)

We just need peace but they keep attacking us. What will it take to keep them away forever? - Unknown Irziell Citizen
  The main enemy. They are not easy to take down and have way more advanced weapons than the Irziell’s. No Irziell’s know why they are so powerful. They just think it’s because of their weapons but there’s more to that then meets the eye.

Basic Information


Qieq’ars are humanoids with 2 eyes and white skin. They have a scar on their left eye to enhance their powers, warriors only. They used to have a little layer of fur but that has been removed slowly over time. This trait only happens to infants.  

Biological Cycle

They start off as infants where they have a small layer of an off white fur-like skin. They are more vunerable to the cold during their first few years of life. They then lose this protection when they are 10. They then enter their children years which lasts until they are 20. This is when they start to learn about the outside world.   They are considered adults after age 20. They are supposed to choose who they want to be. Parents and teachers help them find jobs that they might like. Most people advise against the military. Says its too dangerous. Although most people just do it anyways. They enter their final stage of life at age 80. Some choose to retire their jobs and care for their families or just continue until the day they die.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They have different kinds of fish because that’s the only source of meat available.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Colder regions of the world. They don’t like the sun that much because it can burn their skin if they are in the sun for too long, a few hours at most. This is counteracted by their scars which gives them more resistance. This is why they like to attack at night. Winter attacks are common and the Irziell’s won’t be used to the cold as much. They take this to their advantage. Day attacks also happen but not too common.   They are less likely to feel pain due to living in harsh cold all their lives.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

Laser guns and a chip that is capable of mind control. This mind controlling technology isn’t used very often due to it being very expensive. When they have used it its been very effective.


War with Irziell‘s since beginning of time. They wanted to have more land for towns and settlements. The Irziell's also wanted the same thing. This land war last for awhile before they decided to leave them alone but this war continued and is still happening to this day. There was a time of peace and quiet but this time only lasted for 3 years.   The Qieq'ars have made more progress in the lethality of their weapons. Even going as far as bullets that inflict harmful effects which are used to their advantage. Their strategy has gotten to a point where they "avoid" the crossfire, ie: almost impossible to kill many at once.  

Why they are attacking

The Qieq’ars were forced into the cold regions by their enemies and wanted revenge on them. They either had a choice of no fighting and leave them alone or fight and hopefully make their point. They decided to fight which didn’t seem to be the best choice.   The modern Qieq’ars forgot about the history and just do battles because they are natural enemies. Some remember this and want to finish what their ancensters started.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

They want to kill them if they’re in league with enemies unless they make an alliance.

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by TheDoctor292 on Heroforge
180 years
Average Height
4’6” to 5’3”
Average Weight
148-163 lbs (Pounds)
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Warriors have a marking on their left eye which resembles a lightning bolt. This mark enhances their powers. It contains a special chemical that helps with strength and resistance. It's given to them when they enter their first battle by someone known as the "Inhancer".
Geographic Distribution
Related Technologies
Related Materials
Special Abilities

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