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Magical Bullets

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This is used in battle and has affected lots of enemy soldiers. Many have died or severely injured and more suffering is better. The first task has been completed and this is only the beginning.


They were made by Prytelligence, a former electronics company turned military and have been working for the military for 120 years. They’re based in the southern district of Jyvasian. They are also responsible for the making of the Mind Chip technology although it’s harder to produce because of limited resources.


The bullet create different effects based on what bullet the Qieq’ars use. The effects can include; Blindness, Hearing loss ranging from mild to severe, etc. There’s a very rare chance that something called “Absolution” happens which is when the liquid doesn’t stabilize when the bullet exits the barrel and severely damages flesh/bones on impact. It’s something that the inventors haven’t thought about but they don’t intend to fix it any time soon. The military consider it a great side effect and makes the enemy suffer more.


The bullet part is made out of lead and the middle of them is where the material used to create each effect lies. Xonocoelite is used for creating the blindness effect. It’s turned into a liquid state which is then put into the bullet itself. Sanertite is used for the hearing loss effect. The process is the same.

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Access & Availability
It’s very common around both Jyvasian and Almagrecia.
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Oct 26, 2023 13:43 by Corvo Branco

It is an interesting idea to have bullets intended to cause several consequences. When bullets are traditionally used to cause one consequence only but that one is so meaningful for the individual shot that it is enough to grant bullets undisputed prestige in our imagination.   However, if people here (or when people became) less squishy, and/or healing spells became more effective, bullets may lose their place of honour in our hearths. Unless they gain the ability of deliver something else. Blindness, for instance.   A magic system where the only way to deliver a spell is by touching the person we want affect with an enchanted rune will perhaps evolve to the habit of shot your friends with healing spells. Designed to heal the damage made by the bullet more the damage that was there before the bullet. If you don't enchant the bullet properly, or if your target has some unique resistance against magic in his organism, you may end up killing the person you want to help. No system is 100% safe, I suppose, not even magical ones.   Imperfections are good for story telling.