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Nascindor acts as the stage for an original dark fantasy setting titled Eternal Hymn.   Some subject matter is not suitable for younger readers.

Before there was anything else, there was the Progenitor. In its solitude, it split itself into two, naming the other half its Companion. These two would set out to create uncountable worlds and stars upon the canvas of reality, Nascindor being but one among the myriad. But this was not to last, as the Companion became drunk with the power it had been given and began to view itself as above all other life.
  The Progenitor, learning of its companion's arrogance, confronted it and in doing so angered it. A battle between the two gods broke out, which would last for an age. This marked the transformation of the Companion into the Adversary, who would eventually strike a fateful blow against its creator. The Progenitor rejoined the Adversary into itself, before falling down onto Nascindor and crashing into a great forest. The tribes of primitive humans that dwelled in the massive woods surrounded the crater to find a dying god which would, with its terminal breath, relay onto them a warning of what dwells inside of its flesh, and something to keep it imprisoned within;
the Eternal Hymn.
  For centuries, humanity performs the hymn dutifully and the god-corpse decays, leaving behind only its crystallized heart in which the Adversary slumbers. But it does not rest peacefully and its hateful nightmares spill into Nascindor, gradually corrupting the great forest until the peoples of the world begin to refer to it as the Black Forest and measures must be taken to contain the abominations within.
  The Eternal Hymn continues to sound from the cathedrals, yet there are signs that the Adversary stirs. These are the tales of a time both perilous and fantastical.