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For reasons dating back to the mists of antiquity (and possibly connected both to the Snow Warrior and the earliest forms of the Citizenship Trial and legend tripping), miners are required to be citizens. They must then undergo physical, technical, and religious training in order to safely enter and navigate the Frozen Wastes and mine for resources there without severely overtaxing the landscape. In the age of easy travel within the Mudeweian solar system, many also receive training as ship's technicians with an emphasis on mining equipment.



The primary tools in a miner's arsenal are explosives and drills (often of the enormous mechanical sort that can tunnel into a mountainside with little trouble), operated in teams led by a trained foreperson. Infantry drones and individual miners are issued pickaxes, smaller explosives, and small lights in order to get about the finer work of looking for ore.

Dangers & Hazards

Despite the best innovations in breathing equipment and protective gear second only to the military, working in the mines still poses a host of risks: cave ins, black lung, and other injuries are not unheard of. To mitigate this, it is standard practice to have a team of Medical Doctors on site, and surplus Infantry Drones have been repurposed to work the mines. However, the drones are imperfect and have caused a cave in or two themselves.
Raw Materials Gathering
A lot of intricate rules and regulations govern the process of mining ore. The Stenza ban other species from landing and extracting resources from Mudewei because those parties can simply leave without facing any of the environmental consequences of their shoddy practices. Stenza themselves are allowed to mine the planet, but not to strip mine it, and they are required to catalog all of their waste products for appropriate disposal. Waste cannot be allowed to enter the water cycle (or if it does, the mess must be contained as quickly as possible), as it is then a matter of time before it finds its way to the Ice Flats (and it is a good bet that members of the Protectors of Life sect have run numbers on all the scenarios by which this could happen, as well as a number of other factors). Additionally, as part of their agreement with the Sandibari, Stenza must ask for permission before taking anything from the forests (or underneath). Such situations are exceedingly rare, however, and are mostly limited to the acquisition of wood. (Note: Libations to the Snow Warrior are customary but not legally required.)   Mining on asteroids is free from most of these restrictions.
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