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Ŭlœsh (Ulœʂ) is one of several Religious Experts affiliated with the Clan of the Lost, and is the person who taught Ta'zhen how to pray.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ŭlœsh has trained as a Religious Expert since she was a child, following displaying keen interest since puphood. She had studied with her clan of origin until the Clan Killings, when she was almost ready for a citizenship decision. She concluded her study with the Clan of the Lost and chose to remain affiliated with them in order to help the younger children and in case there was a future Clan Killings-type event. She and several other students and experts offered religious experience to Creyth's coup against Raida in retaliation for that event.   By the time Ta'zhen was formally adopted into the Clan of the Lost, Ulush had become recognized as a religious expert, and assisted in teaching prayer to the children of the clan while she herself continued to study. Saeh'han approached her first on the subject of furthering Ta'zhen's religious education. When Ŭlœsh met Ta'zhen herself, she concurred, and spent a year teaching Ta'zhen both the fine art of An'o as well as the intricate details of the myths and legends of the Stenza. This played a big part in Ta'zhen's developing religiosity.


Dovetailing with a standard Stenza education, Ŭlœsh was taught by the clan's (at the time) one religious expert on religious matters. With the other children of the clan, she learned prayer and important stories, and her inquisitiveness about such matters got her to stand out among the students. By the time of the Clan Killings, she had learned almost enough to be considered "expert" by the standards of her clan of origin, but the Clan of the Lost required some more time from her. She also expressed interest in using religion for political purposes or to help the younger individuals who had also lost their clans. She completed education six years after adoption by the Clan of the Lost.


Religious Views

Ŭlœsh belongs to the common (but not universal) school of thought that the gods are individual entities, the vast majority of whom are busy with their own planets and sections of the universe. She also believes that it is important for someone in her position to help others, often through education.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
2401 98 Years old
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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If she was human she'd drink tea and garden.