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The Fireguard

The Fireguard is one of the oldest Menicean army corps. They are located along the ephemeral red border of the Eastern Desert and keep its northern side from being invaded by Lorianortis.  


For administrative matters, the Fireguard is considered to be a branch of the Ardent-Grissos. They do not have their own representative at the military council, and often complained about that. Still, they have a lot of autonomy when it comes to internal management.   Two significant divisions exist within the Fireguard. The Patrollers are actively watching over the border and fight whatever Lorianortis may come too close. They are recruited like any other soldier but have to endure an extra training program to learn the scorpion's vulnerabilities and how to wield their specialized gear.   On the other hand, the Watchers are closer to scholars than militaries. They live inside watchtowers, scattered in safe places along the border they draw each year. Watchers have to continually observe where and when White Fire eruptions occur. Based on their measurements, they get to decide if the border gets shrunk or expanded each year.   Lorianortis being rather slow animals, Watchers were also told to keep an eye for any of them that would come towards the border. Whenever it happens, they blow into a horn and patrollers gather and prepare for the fight.  


Fireguard watchtowers were built at the very beginning of the Golden Age, on spots that Nelandra Aigleran's army certified without White Fire. They were initially designed as barracks but were later upgraded to fit the newly formed Watchers' group for the maps. Each tower was granted several watching spots, field-glasses, and studying offices.   Patrollers squads are given a tower on each affectation. They go out and explore on the day and come back for supper each night.   Travelers are told to run to the nearest tower whenever they hear the watcher's horn. After many cases of bandits mimicking the horns to steal caravans, Kelyeran Asturac granted the watch with unique horns that cannot be imitated.
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