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Basic Information


The dragon has two forms, the human and the dragon form.  

Dragon form

The dragon has a large body with four legs, on each claw there are five fingers with at the end sharp claws. The dragon has a long tale that is almost as long as the body. The dragon has large wings that are strong enough to carry the dragon's weight and keeps it in the air for 24 hours. The body and tail are covered in scales.

Human form

When a dragon is in human form he looks like a normal human only he is taller, than a normal human. Their hair is shorter and his pupils are dighlated.

Growth Rate & Stages

The dragons are born in their human form, and they grow like the other children in Mirror World in seven years. A dragon transforms into a dragon at seventeen.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dragons can breathe fire, electricity or ice. It depense on the bloodline.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Dragons are the rulers of the nine lands of Mirror World. Because they do not experience greed, all the creatures that life in Mirror World are accepting them as their leaders.

Civilization and Culture


After a thousand years of war the dragons stepped in to form the nine lands of Mirror World. Spegkhio and Fantaseria are two of them.   They saw themselves not as rulers but as keepers of the peace. Not as rulers over the other species, but in time the other species saw this differently. Specially the citizens of Fantaseria, after they lost their Dragon lord twenty years ago. The second in comment a Gaint took over and that hasn't chanced.

Common Myths and Legends

Legend of the Dragon Cactus

"It is no secret that the thorns of the Dragon Cactus are poisons. But nobody knows why. Well there are three types of Dragons, Ice, Electricity and Fire. But a long time ago when the Mirror World was still young and the creatures taking their first steps. There was a fourth type, Poison. The Poisson Dragons were different from the rest of their kind. They were dominant and mean, they saw the rest of the creature as vermin, and believed that they were meant to rule over them. To make slaves of them, or pray if they didn't submit to their will quick enough. The other Dragons hated them with all their hearts, and did everything to prevent them from their goal. But the Poison Dragons didn't listen and started to fight the other Dragons. Nobody in that time was safe, so the rest of the creatures started to plea with the gods. Asking them to get rid of the cruel Dragons, but the Gods were busy with creating their world. Too busy not to listen to the pleas of those they already created. So the Dragons together with the Unicorns, took the matters in their own hand, or hooves. They started to combine their magic and trapped the Poison Dragons. It is only not known how they did it, it is only known that they did. They transformed the Dragons into the Dragon Cactus, their Poisons gift was transformed to the thorns of the plant. When the rest of the creatures discovered this, they destroyed the plant. Afraid that the poison of the plant would be used as a weapon. Which was not far off, because the poison was used as a weapon."   "But how can that be if all the plants were destroyed?" The little Dragon asked.   "Well nothing in this world is completely gone. Everything comes back eventually, unless the Gods destroy it, and even then it might return. So now and then a new Dragon Cactus pops up, and not always destroyed when it is found." Maira looked out of her window towards her garden, were currently a black plant rose was growing. A black plant with white thorns, she knew what it was. And what she needs to do with it. But first she needed to continue to tell her daughter the story.   "But mommy?" Her daughter said. "Why are we here then is all the Poison Dragons are destroyed."   "Well, Diania. Our ancestors saw the trap for what it was, and escaped it. They saw the errors of their ways and went into hiding. Not showing our true nature to the other dragons. Even when they started to rule the other creatures. Not with fear as our forbears wanted, but with kindness and respect." Miara explained. Her daughter nodded, and she kissed her daughter on the head. "Sleep tight my little dragon." She walked out of the room, into her yard. Her Dragon Sword in hand. "I am sorry. But I will not bring my little one in danger." She swung her sword cutting the plant down.
Scientific Name
Drago Spaniena
120 years
Average Height
Human 2 meters   Dragon 4 meters
Average Weight
Human 100 kilograms   Dragon 200 kilograms
Average Length
Human 2 meters   Dragon 4 meters
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