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The Last Mistling


The night was setting in and all of Mirror World was making itself up for bed. Small crickets filled the night air with their loud chirps. But other than that there was no sound that disturbed the piece of the night.     A group of men were busy patrolling the edge's of the forest. Lanterns in their hands, which helped to chase away the monsters that lived inside the cover of darkness. Monster like the Mistlings and the Stormdigo's. Both of them were at the edge of disseapering of this world. Hunted down so that everybody who travels the forest and lives near it is safe.     The sounds of the crickets stopped and the air around the men started to turn into a hint of fog. The hair on their necks started to raise.   "Mistling." Said a soft voice. The men looked around looking to the person that had spoken up. But everybody was silent and showed no sign off words. Mistlings were the most dangerous of the monsters, carnivores who loved to suck souls out of their victims. No matter which species, dragon, wizard, Stormdigo or another Mistling. One of the men lifted his lantern, his flame was dying out. But the weak flame did everything in its power to give light. The man gasped and then fall to the ground. His eyes looked straight up to the sky, looking into nothing. Two burning eyes looked at the man, a smile of flames appeared on the creature's face. All the men moved as one shining their lights onto the creature, light was its only weakness. His incorporeal form slowly turned something corporeal, a humid creature. That only will appear in somebodies worst nightmares. The creature started to scream out in pain, when one of the younger man walked forward. The man was a dragon, a mighty creature that could shift into dragon form. The man reached his hand into the sky, and from out of nowhere a sword appeared.   "Fools, you can not defeat me. Or mine kind. We will come back, when the world is about to crumble away." The Mistling said, with a low and hissing voice. Nobody present had ever heard a Mistling speak before.   "We will see, but that day will not be today or tomorrow." The dragon said, before he cut the monster down.

Historical Basis

This legend is based on a historical event that took place at the end of the Era of Fear. When races of monsters terrorized the Nine kingdoms of Mirror World. The legend tells use about the night that the last Mistlings fall. It is also the source of Lighting up the Mist Lantarn ritual that takes place every year on July 24th.  


Every child and elder knows this story, it is hard not to have heard it. Because of the ritual every year. It is also one of the first stories a human servant will hear when they enter Mirror World.  

Variations & Mutation

There are some variations, some say that it were men and women. And others will star their race as the one who killed the last Mistling. But in many ways the story stayed the same.  

In Literature

The legend can be found inside all the history books inside Mirror World. Those not matter which one.  

Date of First Recording
Era of Fear
Date of Setting
Era of Fear
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