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The cursed blade

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Content Warning; steeling, gender racism, beheading, a curse.


The forging of the blade

August 13th 990, Era of War
    The slamming of metal on metal was deafening, Ythis Woodwright whipped a way the pearls of sweat of her brow. It was almost done, the crown on her work. The sword, made of the finest metal the Dwarves could dig up. Still, the hilt needed some fine leather, to complete this masterpiece. But she couldn't believe the fact that it was almost done. She couldn't believe the fact that she was able to buy the pure metal, normally it would go to those bastards. Those men who think that a forge is no place for a woman. But she was able to get it this time, this all because the seller was new. New and unspoiled, just like this metal. She again whipped away the pearls of sweat off her brow. Where was her student, her only son. ********   Aset Woodwright, stepped into the workshop of his mother. His face covered with bruises and a bloody cheek to booth. His mother didn't look at him, she was busy with that sword.   "You took your time. Is getting leather from the market such a difficult task?" She asked. He stepped forward and winced, those bastards had kicked him in the ribs and it bloody hurt so badly. Still, he was a dragon, and the son of the only female smith in the Smith guild. He shouldn't be bothered by painful ribs. He shouldn't be bothered by what those others say about his mother. Aset took another step, and this time the pain made him see stars. This time his mother noticed his pain, she turned around. "By the holy silver!" She screamed. With the sword still in hand, she rushed towards him and wrapped her arms around him. "How did this to you?"   "I am alright, mom." he said. But his mother rolled with her eyes. "Really, you should have seen the other guy."   "That is not something to be proud off." she snapped at him. "How's master, may I suspect in an hour?"   "Jaq's. But mom, they said you stole the pure metal from another smith. They said that the guild should kick you out of your forge and place a man in it. Because the guild is no place for a thief." Aset said quickly. She looked at him with narrowed eyes.   "If Jaq is saying that, then others are too. Aset, let's finish this sword. Before those bastards come and take it away." She said quickly. He nodded, gave her the bundle filled with the finest leather he could find on the market. The red leather was a nice accent to the sword. A smile covered his mother's face. She looked at it and sighs. "It will be a shame to give this up. But those bastards will give no other option." She closed her eyes and started to say some words in a language he didn't understand. Red markings started to show on the blade, bad markings. A sign of a curse, a blood curse. There was a loud bang on the door, his mother opened her eyes. The markings faded away into the metal. The door swung open and a group of men entered their forge. Aset draw himself back and stood close the hidden backdoor. No idea why his mother had built one, maybe because she knew he might need it someday.   "Give that to me." a heavy voice said. The leader of the guild, a giant, stretched his hand out to the sword. His mother shook her head.   "No, Marc. I bought the metal for this, I bought it fair and squire. This sword is mine, until I sell it to the highest bidder." his mother sounded so calmly. Marc didn't like her answer, he waved with his other hand. The men grabbed his mother and pulled the sword from her hands.   "A forge is no place for a woman, not even when that woman is a dragon." Marc said, when his hands took a hold of the sword. Looking at it with greedy eyes. "But this is a fine sword." he swung with it, and chopped off Ythis's head off. Aset turned around and left the forge. His mother's curse on the sword was now in place. The sword will bring death to all that hold it, until it was back in the hands of a Woodwrigth.  
by flegmatik95

James Woodwright

August 13th 3000, Era of Change
  James couldn't believe his eyes when a costumer entered his forge. The red leather hilt, the fine work of detail. It was without a doubt the sword forged by his ancestor, the first ever female smith of the guild. A title she received many years after her murder. And all for that sword. His costumer, a female satyr, how was looking for some stuff she probably couldn't afford, just brought it in. James pointed at the sword.   "Miss, sorry, but may I see that sword?" he asked. The woman looked offended.   "This sword is an antique, and made of the finest metal there is." she said. He already knew that.   "I can see that, but I am an admirer of antique swords." he said calmly. The woman still narrowed her eyes. "Please." the woman glowered, but still handed him the sword. He looked at it from all angles. "This is really a beautiful piece of art, the purest metal, and the nicest goat leather. It is a bit chipped, but is still sharp as when my ancestor forged it." he said and he looked at the woman. "My ancestor, Ythis Woodwright, was the first female smith. And she was known for her art, but this was her masterpiece. Only back then nobody credited her for it. One day, her son and apprentice came back from the market beaten up. He told his mother that there was a rumor going around. A rumor that ended in her murder." The woman got paler at this point. He lay the sword on the counter. "But before the murderer stole this sword, Ythis placed a curse on it. A blood curse, every owner of this sword will end up dead."   "Are you serious." she asked. He picked up the blade.   "Do I look serious?" he asked her in return. She turned around and stormed out of his shop. James looked at the sword and sighed. "Welcome home."  

Historical Basis

The cursed sword, or the sword that brings death, is the focus in many stories, when it was owned by different owners. Every time, the owner dies, a more painful death than the one before.     Those stories are well documented and it is clear that all the stories are talking about the same sword.  


The story is well known in Yogon, the mountain kingdom. Because the story was so well known, it became clear that Ythis Woodwright should receive the honor she deserved.  

Cultural Reception

The story started as a legend, but that was before the year 1088 Era of the Dragon Lords. And Aset Woodwright told the Smith guild about the sword.   It is because the events/history of the sword is this well documented, it is no longer seen as a myth or legend. But more as painful history of the corruption that once ruled the Smith guild. It is still a story passed down from master upon apprentice. The legend of the Cursed blade and the woman who created it.  

In Art

by Yomare
by Yomare
  These are the only painting featuring the sword. This is probably (most likely) because the owners didn't live long. It is very strange, that both paintings are saying that this is the cursed blade. But both are so different. This is maybe because the owners didn't life long, after the sword came into their ownership.
by Clker-Free-Vector-Images
Date of First Recording
1088 Era of the Dragon Lords
Date of Setting
August 13th 990, Era of War and August 13th 3000, Era of Change
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The Woodwright family tree


Small history of the Woodwright family

Family crest
by Agzam
After the sword was stolen from Ythis Woodwright, Aset traveled to the other side of Yogon where he worked with a white smith. Before his death in the year 1089, in the Era of the Dragon Lords. He went back to the capital, and told the Dragon King what happened on that faithful day. He also warned the others of the Smith guild about the curse.   Aset was responsible for placing his mother in the history books as the first female smith, and change of rules in the guild. So that it is more respectful to women. The Woodwright family never left Yogon, and all shared a love for the hard work. In various branches, but smiths.   Over the years the dragon blood faded away, into human blood. And in the year 2969 Era of the Dragon Lords, James Woodwright was born. A human/ Kirre hybrid. James has not yet taken a wife and some say that he is married to his work.

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