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Smith guild

Leader of the guild

James Woodwright

by Heroforge
James is one of the rare Kirre/human hybrids. He has devoted his life to his craft. First as an apprentice in every branch of the guild, where he found his love for the redsmith branch. Even his master at the time was impressed with the skill and determination that James showed.   After four and half years studing everything there is to know about it. He started to get bolder and it showed. Not that his master minded, he was glad that his apprentice was showing off. So he (the master) could slow down. This went on for another year, then the master handed James the keys to his workplace so that he could go with retirement. James gladly took upon the role and started to teach others in the trade. Hoping that his passion would rub off on them.   After a huge forge explosion, the former leader of the guild, which was a blacksmith, was killed and the other smith masters elected James for the role. He took it with great pride, this however didn't slow him down. He still works hard to perfect his craft, and hopes that his passion would inspire the other members of the guild.

Different branches

  The guild is exactly split up in other branches.
  • Whitesmith
  • Redsmith
  • Blacksmith
  • Brownsmith

Thinker away

Guild, Craftsmen
Ruling Organization
Economic System
Market economy
Related Species
Related Myths
Official Currency   This will be Acorns.

by Sketchify

  Base off operations   The base of operations is in the capital of Yogon, Dirtgate. This is also the place where James's shop is.

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Those smiths are working to reform silver in usable objects. The forges of those smiths are found in the silver mountain district. All the forges working together, but are also rivals for the best and purest silver core. The guild helps to provide the metal equally under them. But it has been proven in the past that those who are passing out the silver could be bought.  


Red smiths work to reform copper in the purest form in usable objects or pieces of art. This can include copper jewelry. There are not so many copper smiths because copper is a rare metal and when an ore is struck the spoils of it goes directly to the smiths. They often do not care if it is pure, as long as they have it they are happy.  


Black smiths are creating the swords and other weapons. They also provide horseshoes and sharping knives. Black smiths are usually found in every village inside the kingdom. If there are two blacksmiths in the same village, they work together to even up the workload.  


Brown smiths are working with bronze and brass. To make objects that look good inside the house. But they also make jewelry. Both ores are not that rare in the mountains and the mines are not that dangerous. So they to get the material pretty easy.    

What does the guild do

The guild buys in the material and divided this to the different smiths. They also provide a pricing range for them. So that one smith those not charge absurdly more than another those. The guild those also provide training programs for the apprentices. They also help hand over the smithy when the former master is ready for retirement, which happens after thirty years of service or when the person reaches the sixty-five year.        

Helpful video's to the trade

Provided by James Woodwright, no not the guild leader

Cover image: by jpeter2
Character flag image: by Canva


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