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Woodwright family

Note: I know, at least I know now. Redsmith and the other branches of the Smith guild are professions on their own. But that is in the world the humans come from. Here in Mirror World the profession is simply stated as Smith, with various branches. Also, here in Mirror world the place where a smith works is called a forge. Thank you for pointing it out James, world smith of Future's Seen

by Agzam


The families rich history, should indicate that there are a lot of assets. This is however not the case. This is because the family didn't stick with one branch of the profession. But rather reached out to the other branches. Giving their forges to one of their apprentices.   Currently, the last one of the Woodwright family, James owns his own redsmith forge and shop. That is all he owns and there is no indication that he wants to own more than that.  

by Agzam


After the sword was stolen from Ythis Woodwright, Aset traveled to the other side of Yogon where he worked with a white smith. Before his death in the year 1089, in the Era of the Dragon Lords. He went back to the capital, and told the Dragon King what happened on that faithful day. He also warned the others of the Smith guild about the curse.   Aset was responsible for placing his mother in the history books as the first female smith, and change of rules in the guild. So that it is more respectful to women. The Woodwright family never left Yogon, and all shared a love for the hard work. In various branches, but smiths.   Over the years the dragon blood faded away, into human blood. And in the year 2969 Era of the Dragon Lords, James Woodwright was born. A human/ Kirre hybrid. James has not yet taken a wife and some say that he is married to his work.

More Iron then blood

Woodwright tartan
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Founding Date
The Woodwrights
Family Leader
Related Species
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  Statue off Ythis Woodwright, made by James Woodwright. Standing in the guild headquarters. Made out off copper.

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Two family trees

There are two family trees because the bloodline gets a bit blurry. This is because after Aset Woodwright and before Cyzzo Woodwright there were almost no records of births and deaths. Still Cyzzo knows that his tree goes back to Aset and Ythis. He those only not have the documents to prove it.  

by Agzam

Important members

Ythis Woodwright
by Heroforge
Ythis born in the Era of War. Was in many ways an odd lady, at least during those times. All she ever wanted was being a blacksmith like her father and his father before her. Working with her hands and creating something useful. But even early on she was met a lot of push back. Not from her family, who all supported her. Her father even took her as his apprentice. No she needed to fight for every piece of metal, even the right to inherit her father's forge. She never got married, but somehow got a son. Who later on became her apprentice. Ones she was able to buy the purest metal she had ever seen and she forged it into a sword. This however became her downfall, after the sword was finished. It got stolen, by the leader of the guild and she was murdered.   In the year 1088 Era of the Dragon Lords, thanks to her son Aset. She was honored by the guild that betrayed her. Ythis would be forever known as the first female smith of the guild.
Aset Woodwright
by Heroforge
Aset was born in the Era of War and died in the early stages of the Era of the Dragon Lords.   After his mother was murdered and her masterpiece stolen. He moved as far away as possible, without leaving Yogon. He took upon a new apprenticeship, under a new master and later inherited the master's forge. But that was not his greatest achievement in life, those are coming in the year before his death. After giving his forge to his apprentice he moved back to the capital and met with the Smith guild. Of course the ones responsible for his mother's death were dead as well. Something his mother made sure. But he wanted to set records straight. He made sure his mother was remembered as the first female smith. And he made sure that no other woman will face the same fate as his mother had. Together with the then leader of the guild, he reshaped the guild.   He was never able to meet his only daughter, because he passed away before she was born.
James Woodwright
by Heroforge
James is born in the Era of the Dragon Lords.     James is the first member of his family to branch out to the Redsmith branch. His mother who was a Blacksmith cheered him on when he made this decision. She was so proud when his Master gave him his forge, but passed away not long after that. Which made James an orphan, because his father passed away before he was born. Despite the families long term relation with the guild they were never guild leaders, until James that is. He sees it as something that should have happened a longtime ago, but those not rube it in. He those not act out because of his title, just makes sure that everybody inside the guild is protected and safe. While still working in his own forge and shop. Which is the old forge and shop of his ancestor Ythis.

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