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Aelia Caecilia Astalles


Aelia Caecilia Astalles is renowned in Pearlhal as she was the first queen of the newly established Kingdom of Dercia following the fall of the Dercian Republic  While much has been forgotten about the early period of the kingdom and even more have been lost in the close to 800-year-long war that followed the creation of the kingdom, what is remembered through books, tales and legends is that Aelia was known as a visionary and a very influential figure even during the Republic and it was her hard work that influenced the senators and consuls that were looking for someone to be given the throne to give it to her family, The Astalles, it helped that the Astalles family during this period had suffered under the Republic as elements of the senate and consuls didn't like that the family were popular with the people.   When Aelia ascended to the throne she swiftly addressed the immediate challenges the new kingdom faced, both internally and externally. Internally the wounds from the short but bloody end of the Republic were still fresh and while they would take time to heal, she managed to limit their impact on the kingdom, she stood in the situation that many of the surrounding kingdoms wanted to destroy Pearlhal as they viewed the Crienia people to be a disgrace and abomination, she choose the old Crienia proverb that attack is the best form for defence and attacked the surrounding city-states and started what would later become known as First unification war.   Despite the war, she instituted reforms that helped reconcile the disparate factions in the senate and city and helped foster a sense of unity and loyalty. Aelia likewise was vital in setting up policies that aimed to help the amalgamation of the diverse cultures that were increasingly finding themself becoming parts of the new kingdom as the armies of Pearlhal pushed the enemies further and further from the city, these policies helped foster a sense of inclusivity and were vital in preventing uprisings.   Scholars today believe that it was her astute leadership that helped lay the foundations for the stable governance system that lead to the kingdoms prosperity and later evolution into the superpower that is the Empire of Dercia
Date of Birth
3rd of Selik
Date of Death
16th of Jeha
136 BIC 214 IC 350 years old
Place of Death
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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Dec 3, 2023 21:19 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Aelia sounds as though she was a great leader, or at least exactly what the country needed at the time.

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