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Fabric of Reality

The Fabric of Reality is one of the so-called Arch Tapestries of Vael'Eteria and was created by Architect Himself.
It is considered to be one of His greatest creations and which has continually been expanded upon since the Dawn of Time by not only His Firstborn, but by other capable entities, forces, and technologies as well.  
— Arch Tapestries of Vael'Eteria.

Patterns of Reality

Each Realm has its own unique Fabric of Reality, one that has been woven into existence either through a natural or artificial process.
And each Fabric of Reality have their own unique set of patterns woven into them. Each pattern is a Law of Reality that determines how the Realm is to appear and be experienced. A pattern that seamlessly flow into others, and is intricately detailed, will be more durable and resistant to altercations forced upon it.
However, there are some patterns that are archetypical in the creation of a Fabric. Those that are needed for a Realm to be stable and less prone to unraveling due to the strain upon the weave. Some divergences may occur regarding these patterns, but as long as they are miniscule it is not really a problem.
It is important to remember, though, that all patterns — and subsequently the weave itself — can be stretched, unraveled or be torn asunder but also repaired and expanded.  
— Arch Tapestries of Vael'Eteria.

Interacting with the Fabric of Time

"If you want an example of an artifact of power that interacts with the Fabric of Reality, look no further than the Plot Armor.  
— Markus Ceder.
The Fabric of Reality exist on a deep metaphysical level and as such is incredibly difficult to interact with unless you have the skill and power to do so. In a sense, however, one interacts with it on a daily basis; each time you breath or pick up a rock you interact with the Fabric of Reality. It is that which you experience on a physical level.
The more classical idea of interacting with the Fabric of Reality concern situations where the patterns are unraveled and re-woven in real time, or simply recolored. To be able to achieve this one must be able to affect the metaphysical, to a degree, whether it is to merely materialize lightning out of thin air, transmute flesh into stone or turn probability to your side.  
— Arch Tapestries of Vael'Eteria.

Some are naturals at altering it, while others need to study for that possibility. Some are assisted by powerful artifacts of power while others create advanced technologies that alters it on their behalf. Certain conditions and artforms are also capable of altering and interacting with it.  
— Arch Tapestries of Vael'Eteria.
Alternative Name
Arch Tapestry of Reality.
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