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Desert Crystal

Desert crystal is a white quartz variant only found in the Crystal Sands Desert. In its raw form, it completely drains adimus energy preventing the use of mentus, mandamus and all other adimus based skills. When refined, desert crystal can be used in a myriad of different devices and tools to stabilize or adjust adimus energy. Because of the overabundance of desert crystal in the Crystal Sands Desert, all of its inhabitants of the desert have no adimus related abilities. Desert crystal is the second most abundant quartz found in nature.  

Characteristics & Properties

In its raw form desert crystal absorbs and blocks mentus in a way similar to boulder quartz and with proper processing it can be used as a replacement in building materials. However, desert crystal has an additional property unique to its variant. Its natural frequency is such that it interferes not just with mentus energy but the raw adimus energy within a person. When near desert crystal, a person’s adimus energy is steadily drained until it is completely depleted.   Unlike adimus fatigue, which comes from overuse of adimus abilities, the draining effects of desert crystal have no adverse physical effects on the body except for the complete loss of adimus energy. So, the common symptoms that accompany adimus fatigue including sluggishness, headaches, shortness of breath, etc. are not present.   Studies show that the average person can experience the adimus draining effects of even a small amount of desert crystal up to three meters away. When dealing with larger quantities, the effects can be felt up to ten meters away. Because of this, desert crystal isn’t used in building materials outside of the Crystal Sands Desert and in most domains the use of desert crystal is illegal.  

Processing & Refinement

Desert Crystal only grows in the caves and tunnel systems under the Crystal Sands Desert. It’s a stable variant making it easy to mine, transport, process, and refine. At first, desert crystal was only processed to mitigate its adimus draining properties so that it could be used as a substitute for standard boulder quartz in building materials. However, because those properties could never be completely removed, desert crystal couldn’t be used anywhere outside of the Crystal Sands Desert. In 3014 TS, Leonard Garmond discovered a new means of refining quartz that changed its adimus draining properties so that it could instead stabilize or slightly adjust adimus energy instead. This led to a myriad of different uses.  

Products and Uses

Medical Use Cases

Desert crystal has helped to revolutionize the very complex field of adimus based illnesses. There are over 100 different known adimus afflictions, the vast majority of which are extremely rare and hard to treat due to a lack of information about what causes them. In the past, each adimus affliction would require extensive study and have a unique cure that sometimes was impossible to replicate across multiple patients.   In most cases, those with debilitating or terminal adimus illnesses with no known cure went to live in the Crystal Sands Desert where the draining effect of the desert crystal would leave their adimus energy permanently depleted, thus freeing them from at least the symptoms of their disease and allowing them to live in relative peace until the end of their lives.   Through his research, Garmond realized that if desert crystal went through a specific refinement process, it’s properties could be used to adjust a person’s adimus energy back to a stable state and doing this cured over 70% of all known adimus illnesses. The refinement process is extremely difficult requiring very precise, mind mage level mentus to perform, making it an expensive remedy. Despite this, the discovery was a medical revolution.  

Educational Use Cases

Garmond’s discoveries made desert crystal highly useful in standard mentus education. The typical use case is a training room built with desert crystal and other quartz variants that help beginner users of mentus learn to convert their raw adimus energy into mentus energy. This is the equivalent of having training wheels on a bike for new riders. The desert crystal helps with stabilizing the adimus making it easy to teach beginners what their adimus energy should feel like when they are trying to use mentus. Use of desert crystal in mentus education radically improved mentus proficiency at a young age, making it a lot easier for children to gain the skills needed to move to more advanced mentus quicker.  

Incarceration Use Cases

Further studies into refining desert crystal have made it useful in long-term prison facilities. Desert crystal can be processed and refined with other quartz so that its adimus draining properties only affect a very small area. This requires at least mind mage level mentus to perform as it needs to be done precisely. Typically, the quartz is embedded into metal bracelets or anklets that prisoners wear. These are used to block their ability to use all adimus based abilities as well as suppress their adimus to near dormant states. Depending on how the restraints are designed, the suppressing nature can be reversed in as little as twenty minutes after it is removed.
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Quartz Properties:
Availability High
Color White
Activation Always Active
Synthesizable No
Emulatable No
Absorption 20%
Obstruction 60%
Deflection 20%
Passivity None
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