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Schools of magic: Revealing the hidden

The School of Divination is about revelations and extending one's senses. From practical uses like the ability to communicate with those whose language one cannot speak to more far-out ones like reading the future, divinations can come in many forms. Talented Diviner is a great asset for those who seek knowledge, and everyone knows that the knowledge is power.

To get full advantage of the gifts of divination, one must know how to use the information and have a good sense of timing. Nerves of the Diviner should also be as hard and cold as steel - paranoia, and pride are wicked enemies on their way, that can lead them to their destruction.


Divination magic emits bright yellow aura, but despite the association to a warm color, et rarely emits heat but feels more like a gentle breeze. For those who start to dabble to divination for the first time, divination may appear busy and noisy: in long exposure, casters might see movement which isn't there and hear whispers they quite can't make out. To truly master the art, one needs patience for the uncertainty and ambiguousness that sometimes mix into the craft. Meditation and overall mindfulness are particularly useful practices for those looking into divinations.

Divination spells can be roughly divided into four different categories, depending on their usages.


With communication spells, the caster gains the ability to converse with things and individuals they usually would be unable to, sometimes even beyond distances. These spells come particularly handy in diplomatic situations and when trying to figure out mysteries.

Some communication spells include: Tongues, Beast Sense, Rary's Telepathic Bond, and Commune with Nature.


Sensing spells boost up target's senses, so they can sense hidden things or amplify their senses for further efficiency. Were it by setting an extra eye somewhere or getting hunches from the immediate future; these spells make sure you know more than just the basics from your environment.

Some sensing spells include: Arcane Eye, Detect Magic, See Invisibility, and Foresight.


While looking for something, locating spells make the searching much easier for the caster. Meant for finding and tracking, these spells are good for ferocious hunters as well as scatter-brained wizards prone to displace their research.

Some locating spells include: Find a path, Mind Spike, Locate Creature and Detect Evil and Good.


Beyond the simple sensing and locating, are the spells of revealing. It's not about simple hunches or pings anymore; these spells analyze and reveal information from things way beyond just simple supersense, and invade the target's privacy.

Some revealing spells include: Augury, Identify, Scrying, and Legend Lore.

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While divination spells themselves tend to be rather harmless for the users, long exposure and sensitivity to divinations can actually be quite detrimental to mental health for the caster. When used excessively, divination spells can give glimpses to past, present and even, future. Invasive thoughts, nightmares, loss of reality, and paranoia are just some of the problems a caster might face.

Because time is always moving and the future is ever developing, telling the future for long lengths of time for any distinct accuracy is a fool's errand. Glimpses of future come in metamorphs, hunches, and blurry pictures, giving only an estimation of possible outcomes of a situation, making these visions unreliable, though not any means useless. This double-edged uncertainty has made many Diviners both foolishly ignore their visions or blindly following them, neither of the approaches being particularly useful or healthy for the individual.

Those talented in divinations do not only battle with anxieties and arrogance, though. Sometimes diviner comes very detached from their environment and aloof, turning more and more passive with each following day. Thus, it is essential to use divination magic responsibly.

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