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Exarch of Mystra / Lesser Deity


Lord of Spellcraft, Azuth

When a spellcaster needs that little extra to figure out a new spell or they are in search of arcane secrets, instead of connecting just to The Mother of All Magic, they also might spare a prayer to her loyal servant Azuth, the patron and protector of mages.

Known as somewhat cranky and moody, some believe that Azuth was originally a mortal wizard whom Mystra took liking of, considering him as one of the exarchs of the Mother of All Magic. Others consider him as Mystra's husband or son, and through that a lesser deity. These believes have decent amount of overlap, and subject to multiple theological debates.

Divine Domains

Azuth's main concern as a deity is the protecting, teaching and furthering the magical craft. While Mystra is the very essence of The Weave and the magic itself, Azuth specifically focus on spellcasting aspect of magic. He is lord of Arcane knowledge, and usually evoked to protect magical endeavors on the Mystra's side.

From the Schools Of Magic, Azuth is most associated to abjuration, evocation, conjuration and transmutation.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Most used symbol of Azuth is a hand with one or two fingers pointed upwards, shining brightly or engulfed in flames. He is usually indicated with colors blue and silver, and on less used symbols of his is a wooden staff (often grey) with gem attached to is (either blue or lavender).

Sometimes to add protection to their texts, a single red eye is drawn to the pages; this is eye of Azuth, making sure that the work stays undisturbed.

Physical Description

Body Features

In legends Azuth's human form is one of an elderly man with long white hair and long white beard, and his eyes are described either red or brown, though it is debated does this mean that his eyes can change color. He is always dressed in striking, either royal or whimsical way and he appears with a wooden staff with a gem on top.

Azuth is also described to have an electric blue or silvery radiance around him, and he sometimes appears only as a floating mouth, mustace, and beard.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

It is rare for sources to agree of Azuth's origin. The too most common tales are that Azuth either was a powerful mortal wizard whose curiosity and brilliance won Mystra's favor, or that he was simply created by Mystra as her son, aspect and/or servant. All stories seem to agree that regardless, Azuth has spent a lot of time in a form of a mortal teaching about The Weave to mortals, mostly humans that form the bulk of Azuth's followers.

Work in progress.

Divine Classification
Lesser deity of arcane magic / Exarch of Mystra
Honorary & Occupational Titles

High One
Patron of Wizards
Patron of Mages
Lord of Spellcraft
Lord of Spells
Hand of Sorcery
The First Magister

Brown or red
Long, white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

DnD details

Typical follower classes
Wizard, Sorcerer
Typical cleric subclasses
Arcane Domain Cleric, Knowledge Domain Cleric
Typical paladin subclasses
Oath of Watchers Paladin

About Divine Domains & Deity Alignments

By the classic rules of DnD, certain deities are connected to certain oaths, domains and alignments, and the paladins & clerics to said deity are suggested to have same or compatible features. However, when in Melyria, we tend to be a little more permissive.

Players, as well as NPCs, are able to have alignments and domains beyond the ones assigned to a certain deity, as long as there is an explanation to this that makes some sort of sense. Make an argument that sounds reasonable, and we ain't complaining in these parts!

For example, a deity with nature and life domains might bless their cleric with the Grave domain powers, if the cleric in question fights undead to prevent them from destroying life.

Credit where credit is due!

This article uses the lore from Forgotten Realms Wiki as the starting point, and expands on those ideas and alters them to fit Melyria as a setting.

Character Portrait image: Azuth by Portrait Workshop (beta)


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