18 Wonders of Macalgra

The 18 Wonders of Macalgra are a classification by Ketalus the Lesser, written in 2840 YSB. It has been widely published across the world since, and is often used by kingdoms as a matter of pride. Some authors since have attempted to revise the list, but the slow decline of the Sura Empire - the most prolific builder of wonders - has meant few new buildings of the stature required to qualify have been erected since Ketalus wrote his list.  

The 18 Wonders


  • The Great Temple of Sura at Ryseum
  • The Godspire at Senet'tu
  • The Temple of Noimysn at Asekara
  • The Iarnrod of Juventius City
  • The Shen Palace, at Dien Chen
  • The Pink Walls of Dien Chen
  • The Dragon City of Sarirpala
  • The Old City of Celreyelda
  • The Buried Homes of Petassius City
  • The Statues of Anoixte


  • The Gardens of Dalirius
  • The Pyramid of Sedih at Ukaiota
  • The Sea City of Vatni
  • The Temple of the One God at Amirus
  • The Temple of the One God at Ryseum
  • The Obelisk of the Conquest at Ryseum
  • The Fortress of Sura at Ryseum
  • The Crownstone Temple at Ryseum



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