Some rule the sea, some fear it. The people of Vatni embraced it with joy, and danced among the waves. As the armadas of their enemies drew near, their city sunk, and their kingdom was spared.
  Vatni, the great sea city, thirteenth wonder of Macalgra. Under a great dome of magic, the people of Vatni live, work, play and prosper. Once the isle of Aerlen, Vatni was threatened by a great armada of the Sura Empire, who sought to conquer the city famed for its mages and powerful enchanters. Seeing no way to defend their city against the brute force of the enemies, the enchanters of Vatni drew down a great shield over the isle and with the blessing of their goddess Nayat, they sunk the city beneath the waves.   Today, Vatni prospers. It is unique among the cities of the world, domed and sunken, surrounded on every vista by water and lit by an artificial sun. It is the realm most primarily of Nayat, and her chosen place to walk on the mortal plane. The enchanters of Vatni remain renowned, and their exports are most primarily of magical goods. Their imports are few, for the people of Vatni have found many ways to exploit their situation to their advantage.   The Wave Dwellers are the primarily occupants of Vatni, but outsiders and foreigners do visit, most primarily academics or those seeking to study enchanting.


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