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Misha the Brewer

Misha is a brewer in Malinka. He met Alden and Fedor at the training grounds after the party had returned from Vladykino the second time. After a long day of sparring, he was serving beer to the archbishop's persons-at-arms, when he was asked by the pair if he knew of any work competent warriors of their stature could perform. After considering the offer, Misha told them of Yulian the Stable Master. The two men had competed for the hand of the same woman. Misha won, but Yulian never let the matter go. On top of that, the stable master is also a sorcerer, in Misha's telling, and had given the brewer the evil eye on several occasions after his unsuccessful suit. If the two soldiers succeed in driving Yulian out of Malinka, Misha promised to pay them a ruble.   As the attempt to drive Yulian off the estate failed, Misha never paid up. It is not clear where his relationship with the stable master, or with the archbishop, stands at present.   Misha appears in Chapter 4.

Current Location

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