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Yulian the Stable Master

Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

Yulian runs the large stable in Malinka, that houses sufficient horses for the archbishop's entire force. He also has at least a couple of young stable hands working under him.   He came to the attention of Alden and Fedor when Misha the Brewer offered them a ruble to drive Yulian out of Malinka. The two men had been rivals for the attention of the same woman, but after Misha won, the stable master wouldn't leave well enough alone. Misha even accused him of being a sorcerer, and using the evil eye against him.   The two companions approached him in the stable, and told him to lay off Misha. In response, Yulian told them to mind their own business, and then smacked Fedor in the head with a horseshoe. The two soldiers quickly subdued him, but Fedor felt invisible hands closing on his throat. The sensation continued even after they knocked Yulian out. Only after they tied him up and carried him out of the stable did the pressure cease.   Fedor and Alden carried Yulian to Father Oleg, and accused him of sorcery. The Father told them that they don't know everything about relations between residents of Malinka, and to all appearances, left the matter there.   At present, to the best of anyone's knowledge, Yulian remains in Malinka, unpunished.   The stable master appears in Chapter 4.
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