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The Blackfriars are a mendicant order within the Ecumenical Faith. Its adherents dress in a white habit and a black cloak.   The order encourages learning in order to proselytize, and the Blackfriars see their main duty as combatting religious heresy and the encroachment of other religions. The Blackfriars conception of God tends toward the militant. They see themselves as soldiers in a divine army, preparing the world for Gaal's return.The order itself is highly disciplined, and instills values of obedience to legitimate religious and secular authority. All blackfriars undertake oaths of Chastity, Celibacy, and Obedience.   Blacfriars often accompany embassies and VIPs abroad, and will usually have chapters in most large cities except those that are more distant from their Friazin heartland.   Augusta de Urbino belongs to this order.

Founding Date
Roughly 150 years ago
Parent Organization
Ecumenical Faith (Gaalite)
Related Ethnicities

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