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Burim Council

Officials in charge of Burim.

Remember that what makes Burim different than our neighbors is that you get to choose who runs it. Remember to travel to your local station to cast your vote between the 34th and 40th of Summer.
— Snippet of a Government Notice

Breharan's Only Democracy

Burim is the only nation in which the people can choose their leaders, except for the High Councilor which is an inherited position. Each year an election is held for seven cycles during which each citizen is allowed to vote for anyone running at their local station.

The Council

There are a total of 112 councilors - 113 including the High Councilor - that make up the council. Each member represents one area of the nation as divided in the Burm Constitution. Each of these councilors also functions as the regional leader of their county and can make decisions for it as long as they don't conflict with any federal regulations.   Any member of the council can bring a proposal before the rest but the High Councilor chooses which order the proposals are discussed in. Each councilor gets one vote on each proposal, except the High Councilor who gets two.

Recent Criticism

In recent years the council has become the subject of some controversy, mostly from outside the nation in Darapur. Critics call the council corrupt and accuse them of lining their own pockets with the taxes paid by citizens. Others have noted that only people with the wealth to afford scribes, messengers, and other resources can attempt to join the council. Still more critics denounce the council for their treatment of the Muck Drudgers, who also have no ability to vote.   According to the Burm Constitution every citizen of Burim is subject to the laws of the nation. Democratic advocates note that the members of the council have, in the past, been caught in fraud schemes and other crimes but not been persecuted as the law requires.

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