Ataidas Shirinsud (Ah-tay-dahs Sheer-en-sood)

Ataidas is a human who was celebrating in Gharob when the earthquake struck, sending her down into the Mushroom Seam. She landed in the river, surviving the impact, and swam ashore. She now travels with the group of survivors as they search for an exit.  


Ataidas is adventurous and curious by nature. She can be a bit of a loudmouth and has a wild nature. She is quite intelligent, though she has little schooling. She rarely visits the Temples, but when she does she tends to have the closest affinity to Liberias.
Throughout their time with her, Ataidas has been more of a loner and taken care of herself. She’s shown herself as brave and curious, to the chagrin of some of the other survivors.  




Ataidas was born to a local cartographer and his wife, and has two older brothers. Her father is not an explorer himself, copying and illustrating maps instead. Her maternal grandfather was a successful member of the Longstriders, and was well-known for his expeditions into Latiyet. Ataidas is also a junior member of the Longstriders, though she has not yet received full membership as she’s not taken part in any expeditions.<br><br>She is engaged to Mairas Dilnab, a member of the Longstriders in full-standing, yet she refuses to marry him until she’s a member as well so that they may be equals.

The Mushroom Seam

Ataidas landed in the river and quickly swam to safety on her own. She was appreciative of Kaziel's fire, where she dried herself off while others searched for survivors and helped one another.   When the Horrors attacked, Ataidas ran from them and kept herself safe, though she did witness the one survivor being swallowed alive by the Horror. After the battle, Ataidas joined the survivors in their escape.   Later, Ataidas volunteered to join Davaa and Kaziel in searching for the source of the mysterious sounds, but was told she could not go as she didn’t have the skills they needed. However, when the others gave up and Semolina was to be sent on her own, Ataidas stood forward and joined her, leading to the larger group joining them.
Current Status
Alive, escaping a Seam
Current Location
Congregation of Heimarin