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Evocative description

The World

Kreworis is a wonderous large planet full of magic and mysteries and is orbited by two and a half moons. It is place full of the history, tales and myths of many diverse civilizations and cultures but at the same time burdened not only the many conflicts of the people of Kreworis, but also by powerful monsters, ancient curses and the debris of the shattered moon. As the planet is becoming increasingly inhospitable the many inhabitants and many factions try to survive and adapt to the ever changing conditions and the limited resources as they fight for dominance over Kreworis in these dark times.

The Year 1805AR

Once more the very brittle peace of the various rivaling factions in Kreworis is tested by continuously worsening state of their planet. More and more forests turn hostile as they are afflicted by the ancient omyhx curse, deadly hails of moon fragments devastate cities and country sides alike and as magical corruption and the effects of evil gnaw on the very essence of the planet, the thinning veil of reality gives way to incursions of horrifying outsiders. Minor skirmishes over the control of resources already have erupted, though the technological advances of the nefadric empire have upset the balance of power.

The Factions