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Blood Moon Monastery

The Monastery of the Red Sun is the birthplace and the home of the Scholars of the Blood Moon.   It is located on top of the Scaly Peak, a lonely mountain with a broken peak.   The Monastery is located on top of the mountain, has caves and caverns with water supply and defences all around the Monastery. It is self sustained, so the fields around & on top of the mountain deliver enough grain to supply the entire complement, including the Red Knights.     The Monastery has three levels (from bottom to top):
  • workshops and armory
  • life support with bakeries and everything food-related
  • everyday life, living space, praying/soul training, physical training & contemplation
  Its defences are mostly small ballistae in small gaps in the cliffs of the mountain, stones from above, burning oil, magical traps and heavy armoured Red Knights. If the Monastery is under siege it has some hidden exits, two in every main direction of the compass rose and three trebuchets on moveable platforms for every main direction.   In normal times the Monastery has next to zero visitors, only merchants travelling on the route beneath the Monestary at the base of The Scaly Peak. At the base the Scholars of the Monestary have built a camp for trespassers where they have stored some firewood, water, beer and some fruits for the ones in need.   Otherwise there is one trading post to the north and one to the south, so weary travellers might look for a more comfortable break of their journey. And better company while resting.   Deep inside the mountain the Scholars have built their treasure chamber, an iron fortified chamber with two heavy doors and four moveable iron bars, heavily inscribed with runes and a heavy Ritual of Lock so no one can enter the treasure chamber without notice and the right to do it.   Inside the treasure chamber, sometimes called the Inner Sanctum, one can find many things. Located right in the middle of the chamber is the desk of the financial order, who is responsible for the financial situation and the order inside of the chamber. For the man and his wife this is their purpose, they have no other task besides this.   Star-shaped starting from the table of the financial order high shelves climb to the stone ceiling, every shelf has a dedicated purpose and every shelf has compartments, filled with artifacts, scrolls and things of high value. Most of the things with a lesser value aren't protected or just locked away, but the higher the value of the compartment, the stronger are the Rituals of Lock, sometimes supported by iron bars.   If the Monestary falls to enemy forces, the High Scholar speaks a unique spell which creates a sinkhole and destroying the Monastery and the mountain while doing it, burying the treasure chamber beneath it.
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Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
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Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young