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Ritual of Lock


    The Ritual of Lock is a ritual to create a magic lock on nearly everything you want to have sealed or locked away. May it be jewelery or just some old letters from your old love in a small box.   Designed and crafted by the human race decades before the Dragonborn came into the world, humans tended to lock away their secrets. Even elves and dwarfs and some Underlings. Everyone can create a lock with the Ritual of Lock. Scholars discovered that the design of the ritual was something weaved into the fabric and the workings of the world so it is getting fueled with magic on its own, even in the different languages spoken in Koria. Especially dwarfs are trying to figure out how to make their own Rituals of Lock, but they had no real results.  


  The University of Hulwar, just a few scholars strong back in the day, discovered after years of meditation and training, that even the Old Gods and Eternals like Life and Death are bound to some principles, rules or guidelines. Following this path one of them had the bright moment and discovered some ways the world was working like water only flows downwards, things falling to the ground, everything dies in the end and, if someone is protective or strong willed enough, one can keep things closed.   He wrote down the runes and the rules for them, crafted in more than eight years all three locks and died of exhaustion. Some said he burned out due to his knowledge, after looking directly into the working of the Creation.    


  The Ritual of Lock is rather simple in its function: everything beneath the lock will be sealed airtight, even parchment or paper or leaves. One only has to bring down the runes into the thing one wants to seal. One need the form and the runes and speak why and how this thing is to be sealed and protected.   The last word has to be "close". To open the lock again it one has to create a codeword and weave it into the incantation.  
O my Ritual of Lock. I hereby wish to lock this chest with all your power and strength because it would crush the entire economy if someone might find out ██████████ what lies within, so you keep it until I come to you again and you are still close.
— Freestyle Ritual of Lock by someone desperate
Light Ritual of Lock by CrazyEddie via Midjourney
Medium Ritual of Lock by CrazyEddie via Midjourney
Bank Deposit Heavy Lock by Midjourney

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29 Aug, 2022 06:52

What is in the box?
Is it treasure? Is it sweets?
Is it precious? Is it shiny?
Is it lame or fantastic?
What... is... IN... THE... BOX?!?!?   Nice read, once again.   Some little Questions:
Are those magic locks only to be open by codewords, or can there be special prequisits?
Like "only to be opend in the lihght of the last moon in September beyond a giant Waterfall.
  AND: Waht are the Limits? Will the m-lock only lock a door or lid tight or will it also reinforce the whe whole room/ package so no one can penetrate it?
This is especialy intrestig due to the part that the m-lock will be airtight, what happens if the room that is to be locked has a second entry or windows / holes in the wall??

5 Sep, 2022 15:25

Hey ho, sorry for the late reply, that Covid stuff is getting annyoing ^^   special prequisits: yes, if you specify them too. Normally you wouldn't do it, because you want to open your locked stuff in your lifetime, but you can be rather specific in your incantation. I might add it in the future after judging.   Limits are interesting here. If you have a package wrapped in parchment or paper it will render the entire package air-tight, but if you apply it to a door it will "fuse" the door with the surroundings, mostly the doorframe, but not the entire room. You need a Ritual of Lock for every wall, door or window you want to close. They are designed to keep one thing shut so you need a Ritual of Lock for everything. Which doesn't mean it has to be different Rituals of Lock, you can just repeat the incantation.

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9 Sep, 2022 15:03

Better a late reply than no reply - especialy under the circumstances!   thanks for clarifying ^^

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
25 Apr, 2023 19:57

Nice technology :D Does it only work on material objects or can it also be used to keep a secret with a metaphorical locking? Or I guess, by locking someone's mouth shut? XD

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27 Apr, 2023 20:29

The original Ritual of Lock is only usable on solid objects, but if you alter it with runes and more inscriptions and meanings, it can also work on skin, flesh or as a curse. So if you tell someone something in secret and put the curse on the person, the person can't talk about it, not even under torture. Depends on you. :)

You wanna see what we did for Summer Camp? This way please: Eddie's Summercamp 2023