All men are a slave to something, so they created us to be their slaves. And now we are enslaving them with coins without them noticing.
— Horifax the Golden to his main wife
This book is about the very bloody and sometimes disturbing ways of the Dragonborn. Their origin, their appearance, their way of life. By buying this book the seller has told you about it. So please be warned if it is going to be a little bit more explicit, since this is a book of science.
— Quote from "Dragonborn - Origin, Purpose, Behaviour and how to get along"


The Dragonborn are the youngest race on the continent of Koria. They are a hybrid race between normal humans and a variety of dragon variants. The dragonborn which is known throughout the continent is Horifax the Golden, founder and head of the Golden Hoard Capital and Investment Management.   They are well known for their nearly impeccable memory, for their love for math and numbers and their strong sense of justice. So they are employed as lawyers, judges, accountants and sometimes bodyguards.  


This collected data is merely a blink of what one could discover while in the presence of a Dragonborn. So this is more of an average. There is a huge number of varieties, nearly uncountable. It really depends on the bloodline and the origin (e.g. Silver Dragons, Copper Dragons, Green Dragons etc.) of said blood.
— Quote from "Dragonborn - Origin, Purpose, Behaviour and how to get along"
  • height: 150 - 220cm
  • weight: 60 - 300kg
  • lifetime: 150 - 2000 years
  • Ears mainly covered with scales, sometimes behind some hornplates
  • Two legs
  • two arms
  • one brain
  • two eyes (capable of night vision)
  • mouth with pointy & sharp teeth (mostly)
  • primary and secondary sexual organs (depending on factors of blood and origin)
  • sometimes a pair of wings
  • long tail

Origin & History

  The Dragonborns were created by Bob & Elijah with questionable motives. They are a hybrid race between humans and dragons. Bob and Elijah (short Eli most of the time) wanted to create a race of slaves for their own needs and desires. They hired slavetraders to capture humans and various dragons or at least to get their blood.   The first attempts weren't good. They were a nightmare, a show of horrors and not in a good way. Scrambled, hideous creatures, sometimes with more than one face or more arms than legs and so on. Sometimes they were nearly perfect but so powerful they were decommissioned.   Bob and Eli spent fifteen years to create the first male and female Dragonborn, both made out of northern folk and of the blood of a very rare Black Dragon. They were called Fymmeinth (the female) and Grenaire (the male). Later in history they were called "The First Slaves" with a little bit of pity and a huge amount of respect. They were the first couple and the first ones to experience the love and the cruel ways of the human male couple.   Fymmeinth & Grenaire were tortured, cut, burned. They were tortured sexually, physically and emotionally and were forced to help with new Dragonborns, be it on the natural way of laying eggs or artificial engineering with blood. Sometimes they were forced to kill their own kind.   Bob & Elijah created a wide range of variants of slaves. There were only one other couple of Black Dragons. There were hybrids with Silver Dragons, Copper Dragons, Red Dragons, Green and sometimes even with Brown Dragons. These nasty bastards couple created a few dozen Dragonborn and nearly the same amount of variations. They kept them at bay with chokers, bound by magic to the estate of the nobles.   But the First Slaves and the Dragonborn themselves were Dragons after all. They had their own inheritent magic. One day they broke their chains and Fymmeinth & Grenaire freed their kin from their shakles. The couple was full of rage and anger and they tortured, abused and devoured Bob & Elijah.   At the end they burned the entire estate to the ground.   They began with the laboratories underground and in the second section of the main house behind the gardens. Since every Dragonborn had the ability to spit out a flammable liquid out of their glands, they could weaken the stone and the steel beams which supported the house. Fymmeinth & Grenaire were the ones who burned the kitchen, the living room and the bedrooms of the noble couple, burning away all the hatred and cruelness of the past years. Their kin burned the upper storeys.   Fymmeinth & Grenaire continued with the servants. The ones which helped Bob and Eli were burned or butchered, others turned into rations and some were given their freedom. They and their kin gathered clothes and rations before turning the stables and houses to ash. While the main house burned and collapsed, the Dragonborn celebrated in their own way: with fire, roaring through the night, fresh meat and other bodily activities.  
You could see green, blue, golden and orange flames far and wide. At first we thought that noble couple was having a party or was burning some low-height fireworks. Hell knows what those nobles do when they are bored.
— Farmers in close proximity of the estate
  A few days later the few dozen Dragonborn left the estate in all directions. Some stayed together, some ventured on their own. It was a long and bumby road to get accustomed and recognised with the other species. Fymmeinth & Grenaire helped to find a place for the Dragonborn, literally and figuratively. One by one the races accepted the story and their origin. They crafted a currency - which was decommissioned as the Golden Hoard Capital and Investment Management was founded - and started to get careers. They had trouble finding their way, confronted with hatred, anger, fear and racism, even after threethousand years since the destruction of the estate.   That is how the Dragonborn came into the world.   Fymmeinth & Grenaire vanished not long after. Nobody knew if they died or just live on the other side of the world or on another continent. One of the oldest Dragonborn, Horifax the Golden with his wives, might know where they went, but he won't tell a living soul. Or burn them right on the spot.  


"And, how is living with your wife after the first months?" Roth took a sip from the hot coffee and smiled at Kovlan. They were sitting on the porch behind Kovlans house near the lake, the sun high in the sky right after midday. It was pleasantly warm, not too hot, not too cold. "She was a Copper One, aye?"

"Yeah..." Kovlan smiled only a little bit, but his eyes were dancing with delight. "A Copper One, with all of their traits and downsights. It was the right choice to marry her."

"Not that you had a choice either.", laughed the older man. "I mean, you were practically adopted."

"Oh, I won't complain." Kovlan chuckled. "You have no idea how good life is with her. She is calculating taxes, doing the chores around the house, sometimes she hunts just out of boredom, so we have fresh meat in the house. And I can't take my eyes from her. Her entire body is covered in this small copper scales and it feels like...leather, I think. Warm, moving leather, but so strong she won't even budge when shot by a crossbow."

"Her entire body?" Roth smirked in a naughty way.

"Yes." Kovlan nodded. "And I mean that. Legs, face, ears, breasts, her feminine parts, even some parts of her foot sole. Her tail is very helpful, I admit. And she is strong, can lift a boulder without breaking a sweat. Sometimes she is angry about the fact that she is the only one in her family without wings, but her fire is so hot, it can melt iron right on the spot."

"Oh shit, I hope she won't burn the house to the ground."

"Ah, no worries. She is now a little bit hormonal and is building a nest."

"What?!", shouted Roth and clapped his hands. "That is wonderful, my friend. When is she due?"

"Six weeks from now on.", sounded an amused and quiet voice from the door. Roth blushed, went white and turned red in the same second as he laid eyes on the beautiful Copper Dragonborn with the name of Ararsheth who was now stepping on the porch, caressed by some rays of light.

She had short dark brown hair, only as long as needed, barely touching her neck, disturbed by four horns following the line of her head to the back, completely in the colour of copper. Her face - a strange mix of dragon and human features - was beautiful, so perfectly symmetric it was strange to look at, very close to uncanny. Her amber eyes seemed to glow, but that might be the reflection of the sunlight in her eyes.

Her small, flat nose and parts of her lips were covered in tiny, diamond-shaped scales as well as her face and neck. She wore a white, thight-fitting shirt with an open back which covered most of her upper body without leaving things to imagination since her full breasts were pressed against the fabric. It ended right above her belly without a belly button, showing the big bulge of her pregnant body and was getting hold by strings around the neck.

She wore wide red linen trousers with a small gap on the backside to fit her long, strong tail in. Her long legs were also covered in scales, even her feet as Kovlan described beforehand. Only the inside of her slender hands appeared to be next to scaleless.

Ararsheth snuggled herself onto the lap of her smaller husband, caressed his hair with her fingers with claws at the end, kissed him on the forehead.

"But", she said after getting a loving smile from her husband, "if you ask how we do the intercourse, how I like it, how he is liking it or how often we do it and how good the sex with a pregnant Dragonborn is, I will tell you." She smiled an unnatural wide smile, showing her pointy fangs and her red tongue. "And when you are satisfied with the images in your head - or the real thing - I will burn you right on the spot. And I'm afraid you are not as hard as steel, dear Roth."
It really depends on how strong their human blood or their dragon blood is how much of a human or a dragon a Dragonborn is. Obviously. It is not really certain to what degree a Dragonborn can have only one type of blood. The probability of a 100% Dragonborn would be 0%, if you can follow me. That would be a full developed dragon.
Since my research shows that even a Dragonborn like Horifax the Golden has at least 1% human blood in his veins, I have to assume that Dragonborn with 1% dragon blood and 99% of human blood has to exist. If you see a Dragonborn with more dragon-like features - speaking of a face like a dragon - you can be very sure that this particular Dragonborn has next to zero human blood in it. That means that there are humans living right under our noses with the ability to breathe fire.
You would know when a Dragonborn, more human or not, is about to breathe fire. If they are about to spit their flammable liquid in your direction their yaws open unnatural wide, so their teeth and lips are not in the way. It looks like a small shark to me. Run, if necessary.
— Quote from "Dragonborn - Origin, Purpose, Behaviour and how to get along"
Female Dragonborn Gold Variant by Midj
Female Dragonborn Gold Variant by Midjourney
Female Dragonborn Copper Variant by Midjourney
Female Dragonborn Copper Variant
Female Dragonborn Silver Variant by Midjourney
Female Dragonborn Silver Variant by Midjourney

Life & Habits

  If the Dragonborn has a more wild character it will search for an area where it can live, hunt and survive on its own. Only when their heat is approaching it might search for other Dragonborn, not as a mate, just to clench their thirst and to get an egg.
In the wilderness a Dragonborn is a cold, calculating murder machine, covered in beautiful scales. It only lives for itself and might not speak or think properly. It might know a few things here and there and pick up things very quickly, but it might fight and kill you before even speaking a word with you.   Opposite of this a Dragonborn in the civilisation creates a space for itself. Their memory is nearly impeccable and they can remember tomes of numbers without breaking a sweat. They are mathematicans, physicists, lawyers and accountants.   When not on the job a Dragonborn lives mostly on its own when it is not having a family. It will wear wide and loose clothes, if possible made out of the best fabrics one can buy. Their prefered food - even for the more human Dragonborn - is raw-to-bloody meat and sometimes blood of animals, but that depends on the individual Dragonborn.   If you win the trust of a Dragonborn and it feels safe and comfortable around you, it might lose some or all of its clothes. They don't have a sense of shame and are too proud to show it. They aren't prude and some might wanna have a more intimate date with you if they trust you.    


  Dragonborn have the potential to live in nearly every environment. Depending on whether they have more dragon blood than human blood they can even survive molten stone and lava and take baths in it. Or the frozen peaks of the northern mountains and everything in between.  


  Nearly every Dragonborn has better night vision, better sense of smell and a sense for the currents of the air around them. Sneaking up on a Dragonborn is next to impossible and one bite, even with human yaws, causes pain, bloodloss and serious infections. If one can survive the encounter.    

Culinary Traits

  Like orcs they are fond of meat, with small shavings of metal added to maintain the hardness of their scales and bones. They care little for the way they are prepared, preferring raw, but know all sorts of varieties of meat and their nutritional value. No preferences worth mentioning, potatoes and other things like carrots and herbs are more something of a "side dish".  


The problem here is that we can't define a specific cycle, because it really depends if the Dragonborn has more dragon blood or more human blood. The best guess one might have would be around 5-20 years but that is even the best average one can have. It really, really depends on the individual, so we just describe what is going on without looking at the cycle.
— Quote from "Dragonborn - Origin, Purpose, Behaviour and how to get along"
  One has to assume that the Dragonborn is pregnant after mating. She has to endure hunger, thirst, horniness and a certain amount of restlessness while the egg is developing inside her body. She will build a nest, be it out in the wild with wood, stone, feathers and other materials harvestable. Or with linen, silk and other pricey materials. She will build it alone and snaps at everyone who is daring to come near her or the nest.   After six to nine months of pregnancy the female Dragonborn retreats to the prepared nest, denying food and water and sleep, only demanding heat and blankets. She lays the egg after one to two weeks of labour, sometimes three weeks. It is a painful period of time and normally no female Dragonborn shares the story. Her male counterpart only finds the nest, mostly destroyed, bloody, soaking with heat and an egg, double the size of an ostrichs egg. It remains there for another week, so the male Dragonborn can attend to the care of his beloved.   Three weeks after giving birth the new Dragonborn should hatch. The nest is its new room or the safe space where they can return when tired, hurt or in need of peace and quiet.  
Egg of a Copper Dragonborn by Midjourney
Egg of a Golden Dragonborn by Midjourney
Egg of a Silver Dragonborn by Midjourney

Cover image: Article Header Koria by Midjourney


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