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Overview & Origins

The Underlings are one of the younger races in Koria. They have a fiend-ish appearance but are a really friendly race and have nothing to do with the so-called "demons" which wait on the other side of the veil. Most of them are tall, slender and curious and they live in the North-East of Koria in the land of Coud. They are not many - not as much as the dwarves or the elves - and they do not participate in warfare if they do not have to. With their claws they can rip apart flesh and veins and their strong muscles are superior to elves and humans. But most of the time they support their new homes with whatever they can. In case of the Spiral incident they baked bread and bought wheat and flour to the bakeries. And alcohol. Really good and strong alcohol.
They weren't designed by the Eternals, they were summoned by some gruesome sorceres who thought it would be a good idea to summon demons into the world of Koria for eternal power. Well, the Underlings had power, but they couldn't give them to others and so the sorceres tried to kill them. Not a good choice, the summoners aren't no more and the Underlings had no way back to their world.
So they settled into the nation of Coud and despite their refusal to participate in the wars of Koria, they believe in a dark god and can go to war with really destructive magics, abilities and technologies.

Structure & Society

The society of the Underlings is pretty simple and complex at the same time: there is a huge number of families and each family has a vote in their direction the society wants to advance. It is a democracy-like voting system which works most of the time despite having a lot of intrigues.
Everyone can be what one wants and can fulfil their dreams. Which also means everyone can have the job he or she wants. Sometimes they do have Underlings with the pronouns of they/them, but they are a rare case.
Everyone around the age of 20 is obliged to take a course in close quarter combat, warfare and physical exercices, so everyone can be a warrior when the time draws near.


The Underlings have inhabited the homes of the former citizens of Coud. Most of them fled as the summoners died and the rest tried to kill the Underlings. Koria is not so different from their homeworld, so they settled in and felt right at home. They can endure cold temperatures, but are not so good with heat. Their homes are made out of stone and wood and have a playful architecture with a lot of curves and ornaments.

Biological Traits

Except from their better night vision (not as good as elven night vision but better than the human night vision) the Underlings have heavier bones and a higher muscle density so they can withstand most things other species can't (except for Orks or Trolls). If they get injured they do have a problem because everything besides scratches or cuts tend to heal over the course of months instead of weeks (see Human).
They also can headbutt the shit out of you if you anger them. Their horns are really hard and are supported by a thick skull.

Reproduction & Life Cycle

An Underling can live up to 200 years and is able to reproduce around the age of 16 (both genders).
The female Underling lays up to six unfertilised eggs during the full moon period. She and her male partner are laying both in a water-filled tub or something similar. She lays the eggs - which causes a certain amount of discomfort - and the male releases a large cloud of sperm into the water in hopes to fertilise every egg.
The eggs and the tub - or water bassin or what else the Underlings have at hand - are kept to be warm under all circumstances for up to ten months. During this time the fertilised egg develops into a small larva and from the fifth month one can see the form of a small Underling.
If the bassin is getting too small for the developing larvae, the eggs get their own small bassin or cradles made out of wood so they can hatch in peace without disturbance from the other eggs.
The male is ready at all times to fertilise some eggs, but the females have a cycle which is dictated by the moon which is their god. So every month around the time of a full moon they lay their unfertilised eggs and burn them in honour of their dark moon god Mothia.

Raising the young ones

The moment the transparent skin of the egg is breached (mostly because the young Underling is getting to big for the egg) the parents are getting rid of the rest of the eggs shell. They help the youngling to breath with its lungs before rubbing it carefully dry, clothing and tucking it away in a small cradle.
Over the course of the next three years the underling grow in size and their gender will show (which is decided in the egg, but it only shows now). Not that it has any relevance to most things later down in the Underlings life.
Starting with its fifth birthday the youngling is getting teached

Food & Culinary Traits

As one of the smaller and still developing races, they are particularly specialised in cereals, bread and sweets. Their preferences are not limited to all varieties of bread with fillings, but they know how to handle bread and cereals masterfully. They are also one of the few good whiskey producers. Almost every Underling can tell good alcohol from bad just by smell / appearance, which is why their skills as bakers and/or connoisseurs are widely sought after. The opinion of an Underling connoisseur is almost never contradicted.

Religious views & beliefs

Since the Underlings were summoned out of their original world, they brought their religion with them. They believe in the dark god Mothia, who resembles the full moon. The Underlings believe they are the moon and are steering the lives of each Underling, be it for good or bad.
In terms of their holy book it means that they pray to Mothia, asking for guidance, help, signs or insights on how to achieve their goals. They perform blood rituals now and then, burning their non-fertilised eggs in Mothias name or sacrificing animals or captured beings like humans or Garladans.
They also reinforce their magical abilities with blood and dark sorceries to even the odds in terms of being only few in numbers right now.

Tales about the Underlings

"Beautiful beings, all of them. But you can't put them into use for your house of joy. They do not understand why someone has to enjoy it."
— Slavetrader of the Desertwalkers to a curious customer
"No no nonononono, not them, not again, not their moon..."
— Terrified survivor
"They do live like humans and elves, a combination of it, I would say. Their craftsmanship is solid, be it pottery or swords, but they tend to be a little bit... aggressive over certain topics."
— Scholar in their introduction of the Underlings at the University of Hulwar
"If they say it is Mothias' will, do not argue with them. They might give you what you want, but most of them kill you in your sleep because you insulted Mothia."
— Guide to their guests
"You want to do what with them?"
"Sleep and cuddle with them."
"I wouldn't advise that."
"Why not?"
"Because they aren't into cuddling. And sex is a thing they do know, but neither need or enjoy it."
"How come?"
"They lay eggs. And fertilise them in water. No need for physical contact."
"And...what? Do they even feel a thing?"
"I think they do but it is not as satisfying as for other races."
— Veteran traveler to his young apprentice
"To call their magic dark is as one would call snow mildly fresh. It is gruesome, really brutal sometimes. They have their image as beautiful fiends not without a reason."
— Mage to his fellow mage colleagues


  • height: 150 - 195cm
  • weight: 90 - 200kg
  • lifetime: up to 200 years
  • Two legs
  • two arms
  • one brain
  • two eyes (with better nightvision than a human)
  • five fingers
  • five toes
  • two to four horns at the temples
  • strong skeleton
  • a long slender tail with fur at the end
  • humanoid primary sexual organs
Female Underling by CrazyEddie via Midjourney

Male Underling by CrazyEddie via Midjourney

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