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  The Kingdom of Ganguk was once a very beautiful place under the rule of Jungkook and Sumi. They had two children, one daugther and their only son and heir, age 14 and 16.   Their reign was a peaceful one until the "Incident" accoured and the Spiral was created.    

The Inner Gears

  The kingdom is under the law and power of the kings reign. If there is no king without an heir - maybe there is no one or he is too young to be the king - and only a queen, the queen will rule.   King and Queen are guided by a Council with seven members. Members are the following:  
  • Finance/Coinage (Title: chamberlain)
  • Trade/Import & Export (Title: Trade Overseer)
  • Maritime affairs (Title: Navalist)
  • Logistics & Real Estate (Title: State Architect)
  • Foreign affairs(Title: Commissary)
  • Religion (Title: Master of Ceremony)
  • Military affairs (Title: Head Armourer)
  Some of the ministers/masters have no real contact with the others, some have to work together to achieve their goals or fullfil their orders from the king or the queen. When they have no orders they will try to achieve what is the best for the kingdom like more import and export, increasing the worth of the local currency against other coins our simply building better streets and more stable buildings (houses, inns, etc.).   Every minister/master has a department under him/her. Each of them has their own title and a small to medium sized army of staff, errand and messenger boys and everything in between. The minister has their own small building in the close proximity of the palace and an office with a small study room inside the palace.   Outside of the palace and the royal working each and every city, town or village is under the supervision of a reeve; sometimes a reeve has more then one or two settlements under his/her direct control. The reeve has also a small staff at hand and reports directly to his/her supervisor in the palace. If the settlement is small enough the chief of the settlement will report to the reeve.  

Domestic affairs

  The goal for each and every department is to ensure that the kingdom will florish and the citizens may have everything they need speaking of well-built and clean streets, enough food and space to live and that the development in the capital and the periphery is progressing.   This includes not only the import & export but the establishment of manufactures, workplaces in general and development of real estates so new craftsmen, trader and other possible citizens will inhabitat the places, so the growth of the kingdom - capital or not - is secured.   At every year's end the chamberlain will send out heavily guarded transports to collect this years tax (the tithe). This tax is the foundation for every clean, new and re-built street and building dependig on the reported sum. Based on this every settlement can send a report and a prioritised list of things that need to be adressed and/or fixed. Depending on this and the priorities of the departments they get their share of this years tax income.   As for the palace they will name a sum for the budget of the Academica and let them decide on their project priority and the budget they will assign to their own departments.    


Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and Armory

  • Up to 30 mages, casting defensive magic and illusions to trick the enemy
  • 1000 foot soldiers (in war times up to 3000)
  • 500 light Cavalry including horseback archers (in war times depending on number of the horses)
  • 300 heavy armored Cavalry, sometimes support with close combat war mages
  • Artillery, including trebuchets, catapults and magic support by war mages

Ships, boats & watercrafts

  • 20 transports (powered by oar, armed with a forward facing naval ram
  • up to 50 armed vessels with a throwing device, facing 160° forwards
  • ~150 quinqueremes, loaded with archers, spearman and infantry with shields
  • 10 fireships, throwing oil onto the sea and burning ships with the support of specialised war mages

Foreign affairs

  The Kingdom of Ganguk is well-known for its no-war-policy. They can commit to war as good as other empires, but they think it is a waste of money, time and resources. If they are attacked they will hit back with full power nonetheless. Long wars are devastating for the economy, the people and the land in general so the Ganguk are sworn to end it quick.     As a trading partner you are expected to send in an application with an excerpt of your business partners, your goods and your goods you are willing to trade and at least three recommendation letters. You are expected to send the letters beforehand to the office of the Trade Overseer. If all is in order and the letters are accepted the trading partner will get an interview with the Trade Overseer and - in some cases - with the King himself. After this interview the trading partner will be recieving the decision shortly, mostly on the present day or one day after.  

Science & Magic

  The Ganguk believe that science and magic are two sides of the same coin. So they dedicated their Academica to build around these principles and divided the ground of the Academica in two parts.  

For science I will throw this stone

The science departments are more or less divided in the different subjects. Physics, chemistry and alchemy, engineering, even weapon research and development are located here.   The science building is heavily reinforced with steelplates, thick walls of stones and in some cases - especially in the chemistry section - with high pressure water basins and doors made out of metal.  

Just one more rune...

  The magical part of the Academica is a round building with a glass dome build on a hexagonal base, reinforced with binding runes. The labs for spells, runes and rituals are located in the basement and a few dozen meters away from every other building like the living quarters or the kitchen.
The library resides in the middle of this building, with high shelfs, rolling ladders and some parts where tired scholars can rest and read a book in peace.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Autonomous area

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