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The Garlagans are a hermaphrodit species located in their refugium of Chanvilesia, located in the south-east of Koria, protected to the south by the ocean and embraced by fields, meadows and hills, stretching over hundres of kilometers.
The average lifespan of a Garlagan is up to sixty years. They are a little bit taller and stronger as a Human or an elf, but can't compete with Orcs, Dragonborn or Underlings.
They have blue-ish to purple skin which looks a little bit like scales; their eye colours range from crystal clear white to darkest black, but most of them have eyes in the colour of gems as in red, purple, blue & green, depending on both parents. Their eyes have horizontal pupils so they don't get blinded by their own magic.
Not depending on the parents are their natural horns around their head. They range from small pointy horns - pointing backwards to the back of the head - to two pairs of horns, straight or curled or twisted. Nearly every Garladan has a mostly hairless tail which will reach their feet. The hair of the Garlagans are thick and heavy and will cover the space between the horns and the entire head. In terms of colour it ranges naturally from light brown to darkest black with exceptions like red, blue or sometimes white. They have two pointy canine teeth which they will use when they think it would be fun.
Their legs end in hooves like those of a goat. They can climb rocky hills and sometimes mountains without problems and a kick from a Garlagan can be deadly.
Most of the Garlagans will go with the pronoun "they" and will refer to themselves as "I/me". Some will use only their names or speak of themselves in the third person, mostly to make it easier for other races. One of the few courtesies. Due to their short lifespan they see the other races mostly as unwilling participants in their curious endeavours regarding science, magic, practice or fun.

Biology & Reproduction

A Garlagan has two primary reproduction organs, one penis with testicles and a fully functional vagina located directly between anus and testicles. They can only reproduce with other Garlagans. This actually won't hinder them in other sexual practices with one another or other species. As long as they are humanoid. Additionally they have breasts which will give highly nutritious milk to feed the newborns.
Just like humans the Garlagans have a similar period every two weeks with bleeding and more or less strong cramps. In this time their sexdrive is stronger than usual. If impregnated, the period of the pregnancy has a timeframe of four, sometimes five months. The Garlagan will give birth in one or two days, depending on their size and constituition.
The newborn Galagan is approximately 45-60cm long and will weight something around 3-6 kilogram. The society will provide every care and supplies they can spare so the birthgiving parent doesn't need to worry about survival, even when married or partnered in general.
A young Garlagan will be considered an adult with twenty years, but can go into training when they hit the ten years mark. They are sexually matured after approximately fifteen years.

Culture & Society

Their society is based around the Tower of Magic. Every Garlagan is obliged to work for the Tower of Magic and the Council of the Eight Suns. It doesn't matter if they create art, if they are doing research on a specific topic, if they provide food, supplies or drinks, they will deliver it to the Tower. In case of food and drinks they have to give a tenth of their earnings and a tenth of their coins, so they provide for everything.
In case of research and other non-food providers a copy of everything has to be sent to the Great Library. Even if you are a small crafter of inks and quills you have to sent a tenth of everything to the Tower.
In return the Tower - or the Council - will provide for them if they can't, e.g. when they are hurt or are going to give birth based on their payment to the Tower.
The society of the Garlagans is based around polyarmorous relationships with a main partner at the top. It makes accounting for children easier. Normally every Garlagan will care for the smaller ones and take them into their home if the parents can't or when there are no parents anymore.
The Garlagan society has its own currency based on copper coins with a sigil and a value engraved in it. The sigil is tamper-proof and will emitt a small magical aura so it is next to impossible to mimic it.
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Look at your watch or the way of the sun. Divide it into eight pieces and you know why it is called "eight suns".


Garlagan magic is based on light. They have no connection to the aetheral presence of the "normal" magic the other species use, so they developed a technique to use other sources of power and which source is more powerful than the sun? Over the course of the centuries every Garlagan developed the ability to bend light particles to their will. Even non-adult Garlagans will use their magic ability to their hearts content.
Normally a Garlagan will use the light magic to ease their everyday life. With light - and the heat inside of it - you can heat up your food, you can light up darker corners or you can create shimmering platforms to transport goods and groceries with, even adult Garlagans. Depending on the skill of the conjurer the lower spells can hold even tons of weight like marble or boring stone.
Normal Garlagans won't pick up magical studies because it is more or less a plaything for them. They rely on their speed and strength and use their light magic only for small spells or rituals.
But they have scholars too, called "Lightseeker". Those Garlagans are employed by the Tower of Magic and only respond to orders from the Tower or the Council of the Eight Suns. They are archeologists, scientiest to make the life of the whole Garlagan society easier or to create new battle tactics, battle magic or defense magic. Spells to create platforms for transport can be easily modified to create weapons, shields and temporarily fortifications.
And last, but not least the Garlagans are allowed to participate in the test of the Electorial Congregation to become Mortal Gods. Normally a Mortal God would get a house, provided from the Council, but some of them want to live in the Tower of Magic with their own laboratories.
The Garlaganian magic is the strongest around midday and the weakest at midnight where only the moon and stars spent a little bit of cold light. To use light magic at night or in the twilight between day and night they have to use light sources. This could be a ordinary torch, pre-prepped crystals filled with light or burning lamps with oil.

Culinary Traits

Apart form bread, meat, cheese and other ordinary food and fruits the Garlagans have developed a technique to grow rice in a very cost efficient way, supported by their light magic. They specialised in the cultivation of grapes to create dozens of wines and sometimes wines with no grapes at all like (literally) Ice Wine.

Clothing culture

Everyday clothing is a more practical thing with pockets and openings on either side be it a trouser or a dress (not including armor). Since the Garlagans are a hermaphrodit species they need to have space for their genital organs and their breasts and for their tools, purses and other things. So the fabric, be it linnen or wool or silk, has to be as tight as possible without cutting off blood vessels and not being uncomfortable. Colourful clothes are their favourite.
When not at their daily duties a Garlagan dress lightly and has no objections if someone wants a more close meet-up. Because why not, they are hot, horny and naughty.
In terms of armor and weapons the Garlagan use spears, dagger, battle staves with iron at both ends, sabres and glaives. Their armor is mostly made out of leather and chainmail. Some of the Tower guards and all Council guards are enclothed in plate armour, reinforced with light magic to create barriers and shields. Even the Garlaganian army rely on the lighter chainmail-leather-combination.
Most Garlagans wear jewelry; tiaras, rings on their fingers, breasts and genitals, some decorate their horns with chains and cloth. They wear pendants and chokers, pompously decorated masks and sometimes very revealing clothes.

Other species & Garlagan fun

The Garlagans have a neutral to neutral-curious relationship to the other species in Koria, even with their history of combat, assassinations and chaos some Garlagans brought upon the elves, humans and Orcs. They use a specific Goblin clan as servants and will breed and cultivate them under their control.
Garlagans - especially scholars or wealthy Garlagans - prey on other species and will abduct particular individuals if they caught their interest. If abducted, the individual can get lucky and hunted for sport in an area designed only for that or will live a long life as breeding material, for target practice, experiments in alchemie, chemistry and magic. Or as an unwilling servant.
An individual "found" and kept in the wilderness is considered property of the Garlagan like as someone has lost their quill and another one found and kept it.
Other species will encounter the Garlagan with a healthy amount of mistrust and scepticism as the Garlagans normally don't travel when not necessary. Their coin is as good as their wares but the rumors - often true with a little bit of imagination - spread far and wide and some Garlagans found it rather amusing. Despite the rumours they are a welcome guests in the Caves of Joy. Partly for their coin, but their drive to copulate with every race and gender is a very underrated trait of this species and much appreciated in this wellness oasis.

Species specific traits

  • slightly decreased night vision
  • can jump higher than a human or elf
  • strong tail, often used for balance or as a weapon
  • hard head because of the horns
  • strong neck muscles because of the horns

Tales & Stories

"I wouldn't go to war against the Garlagans. They will fight and will kick you in the face with their hooves, but worse than that? Their magic. Here, did you see this? This hole is from one of their spears out of light. You can see right through it. I didn't feel a thing as it happened. Sometimes I forget it is even there. I mean, I can live with only one kidney, but it was very unpleasent, I have to say."
— War veteran to a young soldier
"Their Tower of Magic is sealed off for outsiders. I managed to sneak in but it was very close. I lost my ear to one of their defenses. But it was worth the risk. This book... well, it will teach me spells and rituals far beyond my imagination."
— Greedy thief in his diary
"I enjoyed it. My husband was the initiator in the Caves of Joy. It...they? Is it they? I think so... well, they had really red eyes as they were glowing from inside, very well defined bazoonka-woonkas and a spear I could play with for weeks. Never saw my husband enjoy a male organ this much."
— Noble lady to her trusted familiar
"Bum... hurting...master not pleased...why me, why six?"
— Poor goblin after getting humiliated in his cell
50-60 years
Average Height
  • Male: ~185cm
  • Female: ~170-180cm
Related Organizations


  • 1x brain
  • 2x eyes
  • 1 nose
  • 36 teeth (in different sizes)
  • 1x tongue
  • 1x heart
  • 2x lungs
  • 1x stomach
  • 1x liver
  • 1x spleen
  • 3x kidneys (one main and one for each bladder)
  • 2x bladder
  • 2x reproductive organs

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