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Cloud Dwarves

There is a Twist in the Myth

  The tale of the Cloud Dwarves is one told to children when they did a thing which had bad results like a burned dinner or the death of a pet. It is a story to be honourable, to take care, be careful in what you are doing - prepping dinner, hammering away in the smithy, playing an instrument - and be considerate and compassionate.   So lets hear the story from when the clans weren't divided and just had themselves to tell the tales of foreign dwarves.  
  There was a time when the Dwarves were one. Were the only things to worry about were Orcs and Dragons. Sometimes both, sometimes Dragonborn, sometimes Elves and sometimes on really rare occasions all of it combined.   But there were a Dwarf who was thinking of different things. Of having a mine inside a mountain and getting rid of the shell to have a sweet castle made out of the mountain. A very complicated undertaking, but they thought it was worth it.   So they gathered friends and followers who wanted to try it. They searched for a lonely mountain somewhere in Koria and started to dig and dig and dig. At first they undermined the mountain and brought up a lot of valuable minerals, created artefacts and dug upwards to flesh out the castle.   After decades of digging and building they were ready to get rid of the outer shell of the mountain. The rubble should be used as material for walls and towers, just in case.   But they weren't getting to that. They saw that their mountain breached through the clouds which were white and glittering. So they stopped their work on the outer shell and crafted supporting pillars to hold platforms. They wanted to know what was beyond the clouds.   As they breached the white ceiling, they noticed that they could stand on the clouds. And even the most frightened Dwarves were coming to take a look, leaving the mountain behind, an empty husk of former glory.   The last Dwarf attempts the climb and as they reached the clouds, the white fluffy surface closed and trapped them in the purest white, sunshine, snow and despair. Because the clouds were not made out of diamond and were mean to surface dwellers, meaner even to underground dwellers like the Dwarves.   The Dwarves try to get back to the world they know. With hammer, axe and steel and sometimes larger hammers and explosives. Everytime you hear a roaring thunder or hear a thunderstorm, you know that the Cloud Dwarves are trying to escape their fluffy prison once more.  

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Dec 23, 2023 10:53 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Nice myth to explain thunder. :D And a good tale about curiosity and being careful too.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jan 7, 2024 15:27

Thank you. It was an accident just like the Cloud Dwarves trapped above the clouds, but hey, we roll with it. :D

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Dec 23, 2023 20:23

What a beautiful little legend - I love it.

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Jan 7, 2024 15:27

Glad you like it :)

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Jan 3, 2024 20:11

Short and sweet, not over complicated and teaches a good lesson, good job :)

Jan 7, 2024 15:27

Thank you kindly. :)

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Jan 7, 2024 06:35 by Bart Weergang


Jan 7, 2024 15:27

And it is partly your fault, so thanks and well done as well^^

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Jan 10, 2024 15:24 by Carolyn McBride

I liked the unique explanation of thunder and the sense of history in the tale. Well done!

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Jan 11, 2024 10:54

Thank you kindly :)

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Jan 22, 2024 08:11

Bei "Twist in the Myth" bekam ich gleich Blind Guardian Vibes ;)
Und aus deinem Mythos würde Hansi Kürsch bestimmt nen coolen Song schreiben... oder gleich mehrere - "The empty Mountain", "Roaring in the Clouds", "Hammers in the Clouds", "Beyond the silver lining" - da deine Zwerge ja auch alle etwas Metal-mäßig unterwegs sind... dürfen diese Titel von ihnen gerne verwendet werden XD

So und jetzt noch eine Frage: gibt es in Koria, einen ausgehöhlten Berg bzw. ein sonderbar verlassenes Zwergenreich, welches diesen tollen Mythos noch untermauern könnte?

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  • Jan 24, 2024 16:33

    Das war die Idee dahinter und es wäre echt cool, wenn Hansi auf meine Welt und die Zwerge aufmerksam werden würde. Meine Erlaubnis hätte er, da Lieder draus zu machen mit entsprechender Würdigung natürlich :D

    Technisch gesehen gibt es keinen ausgehöhlten einsamen Berg, aber es gibt einen ausgehöhlten Berg, in dem ein unbekannter Clan lebte und verschwunden ist. Kann man ja irgendwie verbinden. In jeder Legende steckt ein Körnchen Wahrheit. :)

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