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Suc'mor the Griefless

Suc'mor (a.k.a. the Griefless)

"If the Griefless man comes for you   There is one thing you must do   Fill your pockets with feathers   Fill your head with secret letters   Stuff your bed with scratchy flax   Stuff your ears with gooey wax   And if he still wants you dead   Break the crown upon his head!"   ~Maecodian Children's Rhyme

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As far as liches go, Suc'mor looks relatively healthy. His skin is withered and waxy, and corpse-gray, but he is not rotting even though many liches half his age barely have flesh left.

Facial Features

Suc'mor has two green pinpricks of light burning in his eyes. He had been handsome in life, and his jawline and cheekbones still hold their original symmetry.

Special abilities

Suc'mor is an extremely talented arcanist.

Apparel & Accessories

Suc'mor dresses well, in fine robes kept meticulously clean. Atop his head is his silver-braided diadem. He has an array of powerful magic items stored in the Tomb of the Scorpion  [section: true phylactery] Suc'mor's true phylactery is a cursed soulcoin containing the damned soul of the master that trained him. The coin is well protected by a number of spells, and is cursed to be unspendable. It maneuvers around a coinpurse containing it to avoid being accidentally spent. If it is purposely given as part of a transaction, it appears in the last owner's bag at midnight 1d4 days later, and the recipient will be infected with Ghoul Fever. If given as a gift, the coin reappears in the last owner's bag at midnight 1d6 days later, and the recipient will be infected with Lycanthropy. The only way to transfer ownership is through theft. Due to the protective enchantments on it, it can only be destroyed in the Tomb of the Scorpion, on the anvil used to forge it in the first place.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The stories of Suc'mor's origins vary from telling to telling. The most common version is that he was an Archaeologist working for a dragon and that he stumbled upon the secret to his immortality; the Ritual of Dread. He threw off the dragon's authority and became a formidable monster.   Other versions are that he was a cultist of Orcus, a saint gifted the secrets of immortality by Scarroh herself, a Grimlock archmage much older than the other tales assume, and a thousand other, lesser known possibilities.   He exited whispered myth and entered the historical record in the Year 124 at the head of a skeletal army known as the Griefless Host. He engaged in a number of battles against the Scalykind, mostly avoiding the Maecodian forces. His actions are mostly known from the accounts of scouts or the rare survivor. It is believed that he only lost one of these engagements, after which he sacked the human town of Fropicys and converted the entire adult population into more skeletal warriors to replenish his depleted ranks.   Since the end of that war, he has occasionally intervened in events but never in an overt or primary fashion. Mostly, he is seen wandering alone or with a few Griefless bodyguards. He is absolutely ruthless in his quest for knowledge.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Suc'mor is the only being on the face of Kobos that knows the method of creating flowstone golems.

Intellectual Characteristics

Suc'mor tends to the extremes of a Phlegmatic humor.

Morality & Philosophy

Suc'mor is a fanatical Didactist


Suc'mor will obey the rules of the children's rhyme with strict solemnity.   Suc'mor made the rhyme himself, teaching it to children to give the impression that his phylactery was his diadem. He's even enchanted the little crown to make an illusory show of light, sound and smells to give the impression that his phylactery has been found and dealt with.

Personality Characteristics


Suc'mor desires only to seek out and acquire more knowledge, and he considers the human race to be the natural masters of the world.

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws



Suc'mor is surrounded by the scent of incense, particularly frankincense.


Contacts & Relations

As far as Suc'mor is concerned, his three primary rivals would be Lizefa Vernet, the Abominable  and Mediophanzex

Religious Views

Suc'mor is a heretical Deminite with some truly insane beliefs.

Social Aptitude

Suc'mor is actually rather charming when he wants someting, and can manipulate his way out of an angry mob fairly reliable.

Hobbies & Pets

In a hidden cliffside settlement, Suc'mor maintains a herd of humans that go a long way into satisfying his hunger.   Suc'mor has recovered the plans to make Cadaver Collectors, and has a small platoon of them sneaking around the continent collecting unfortunate, unclaimed bodies.

Wealth & Financial state

Neutral Evil
Date of Birth
Some time during the Age of Servitude
Sickly green lichflame, usually just pinpricks.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Corpse-pale and waxy
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Old Tongue, Abyssal, Infernal, Primordial, Draconic, Elvish, Dwarven, Giant, Sylvan, Druidic, Thieves' Cant


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