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Griefless Host

"The Griefless Host met the lizardfolk on the bridge, shield to shield, spear to spear. The reptiles gave a good account of themselves, and their wings even slipped into the water in order to flank the undead. To their shock, they found that there were already skeletons treading across the river bottom, weighed down by their shields and armor. The river ran red, and the skeletons flowed up onto the opposite bank. The lizardmen fled, routing to avoid a double encirclement, many of them getting cut down as they ran."   ~Scout report to Iliac


Suc'mor the Griefless serves as strategic and tactical commander. Alternatively, it could be said that the Greifless Hosts are his personal bodyguard units.   There are six corps, each led by a vampire. Each corps is made up of eight ranks, led by an awakened skeleton. Each rank has five mobs led by rune-carved skeletons. Each mob is made up of thirteen skeletons.   The first four ranks of each corps is made up of shield-and-spear hoplites, while the rear four ranks are made up of bowmen who rain arrows over the heads of the front ranks into the engaged enemy.   On a provisional basis, when extra is needed, Suc'mor the Griefless┬áhas been known to summon a partisan auxiliary of shadows, and raising levies of zombies to absorb punishment.


Even the free-willed undead are fanatically loyal to Suc'mor the Griefless. His mark burns on their foreheads, worn proudly, and they live to serve. This is due to specific layers of the enchantments he used to animate them.


3,126 bodies make up the total army with all corps at full strength. They lack depots or any sort of forward bases, operating solely out of the Tomb of the Scorpion.   They primarily use bronze mined by zombie serfs in the deep-shaft mine located in the Valley of Headless Men. The footsoldiers have bronze dome shields, bronze-tipped pinewood spears, bronze helmets, breastplates, and leg guards. Their archers use pineshaft longbows that lob heavy bronze-headed arrows specifically designed to pierce armor and bend, incapacitating the enemy.

No Regrets, Only Wisdom

Mark of the Griefless    
Awakened Skeleton
Founding Date
Sometime in the Age of Servitute
Military, Army
Alternative Names
The Red Dead, The Griefless, Suc'mor's Companions
Training Level
Veterancy Level


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