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Edler tasked with the defense of the realm Iliac (a.k.a. Wyrmbane)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Iliac was born the son of a line of heroes, and felt that ancestral pressure from the day that he was born. He also felt a burning hatred of dragons of the kind that killed his father and left him alone in a cowering refugee camp. He learned weaponscraft the hard way: assaulting older children with a stick until they stopped defeating him. Once he'd gotten a gang of children together, they trained relentlessly and became quite a terror to their fellow refugees. They began assaulting adult warriors with sticks, and continued this until this too became easy.   It was that time that they were ready. Iliac killed his first wyvern when he was fourteen. He used the sting of the creature as a spike, driving it into the head of his club. He never surrendered this weapon for the rest of his life.   He was recruited by Cerin Gorbil to unite and defend humanity, and the rest is history.


Iliac had four wives and sired nearly thirty children.


Most of his early education was sefl-taught; he taught himself to read using the Canticles of the Demiurge, he taught himself medicine by setting his own broken limbs, and he learned basic math by simply counting stolen goods. After Cerin Gorbil recruited him, however, his training was rapid and formal. He was taught strategy, warfare, statecraft, and rhetoric, and was a master of all of these crafts.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Iliac is widely considered the ideal culture hero of The Maecodian Confederation

Intellectual Characteristics

Iliac was known to be thoughtful, decisive, and confident. If there was a problem he couldn't immediately think up a solution for, he could patiently think and tease it out. When he believed an action needed to be taken, he'd be the first to do it.

Morality & Philosophy

Iliac was a human nationalist and a pragmatist.


Iliac rarely killed humans. When he did, it was for cooperating or conspiring with the scalykind.
Lawful Neutral
94 Y 182 Y 88 years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I have known hardship with you, brothers, and I have endured loss just as you. I have watched my hopes and dreams burned and poisoned in the breath of dragons. I have retreated with you, felt the shame of this rout just as I know you have. There is nothing of our old dreams and hopes left. I now have but one hope, one burning desire: I'm going to make shoes. My boots have worn out, following our miserable, embarrassing retreat. I am basically walking on sandals made of my own seething blisters. I will make the left shoe from the testicles of Qondahal, and the right shoe from Farraikex's tongue! I plead with you, have mercy on my broken feet! Before we continue our cowardly flight, let us first collect my shoes!"
Aligned Organization


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