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Magic Sensing

The ability to sense magic, be it that the innate kind lurking in every spellster or its usage, is a purely Nulled One trait. Precisely how they are capable of this is unknown, but the ability is linked to the strength of both Nulled One and spellster. The ease also hinges on whether the spellster is using their magic, latent power being harder to sense in the weaker and the presence of stronger spellsters often masking them.   Many Nulled Ones struggle to describe this sense to others, often referring to it as a smell, yet will use descriptors of taste, sight, smell and touch (sometimes rolling all into one). Like fingerprints, each spellster has a unique "scent" which appears to correlate with the skills that come naturally to them.   It's believed that spellsters can replicate a variation, but this only tells them the strength of nearby spellsters. They must also actively focus on the task whereas Nulled Ones do so intuitively.  

Notable Spellsters

(This is by no means an exhaustive list)   Darshan, Spellster - The vris Mhanek is the only recorded instance of the sense ever changing. Originally, it was the smokeless heat of an inferno. That blaze is now tempered with the addition of heated earth, akin to a freshly dampened campfire but on a much larger scale.   Dylan, Spellster - Latent, it's akin to the charge in the air of a brewing storm approaching the shore from across the sea. When magic is in use, it leaves the taste of lightning in the back of the throat.   Hamish, Specialist - Barely perceptible when not being used, often akin to the prickling of being watched. Like the ghost of a breeze darting past the face when used.   Henrie, Spellster - A fuzzy outline that gives the sense of something missing. Ironically, this hollow imprint snaps the man into full focus when he uses his magic.   Sharik, Spellster - Latent, the scorch of a desert at midday after a century of no rain. In use, the unforgiving blaze of the sun.   Sulin, Alchemist - Fuzzy to pinpoint and slightly metallic. Tastes like smelted iron smells when using his meagre power.


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