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God-Emperor Sharik , the Lightgiver (a.k.a. The False God. The Mad Emperor.)

Known as the Mad Emperor beyond Stamekian borders, Sharik the Lightgiver believed the appearance of his silvery-white hair and pale blue eyes were markings of divinity (nevermind that his many children likewise gained this appearance), specifically that he was the personification of the sun, descended to live amongst the people to guide them in the correct means to worship.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Sun symbolism.

Physical Description

Body Features

Although he has seen more years than should be impossible, even for a spellster, Sharik looks no older than thirty (this age is also around the same time rumours of his delusion is reported to have begun). He has not wrinkled nor begun to bald.   He is a slender man, despite his every meal being an indulgence in rich food. This isn't unheard of for spellsters, especially strong ones, as magic burns through the body akin to physical activity.

Special abilities

Beyond his talent in manipulating the climate above the Stamekian capital, it is believed that Sharik was an adept user of siphoning, especially when it came to drawing a person's essence into one's self. This would explain how his concubines vanished without a trace, why he never aged, and perhaps the secondary reason why he seemed to burn through his Dolls.

Mental characteristics


Over the course of his unnaturally long life, Sharik has slept with all manner of people, making many of them his concubine. When each one failed to please him anymore, they simply disappeared. A few luckier ones, those from noble households or cunning enough to get themselves pregnant, were able to delay this fate, but only one has managed to escape his clutches, Rami's mother.   In the year 1881 AES, Sharik began indulging in his most base desires, forming the Convent of the Dolls in order to, at first, covertly smuggle children into his chamber. This devolved into him blatantly parading them around the palace, even retreating for days to indulge himself in their "worship" of him.


Like all members of the imperial family, Sharik was educated by the very best scholars, including magical training. He became obsessed with clergy from a young age, specifically the way the people fawned over their Divine Light, to the point where he could quote the original scripture better than most high priests.


He controlled his people through a mixture of indoctrination and shows of power beyond the scale of most spellsters. He ascended the throne at 49, after the passing of his mother, perhaps the only woman he ever felt remorse for. By the time he had reached his sixtieth year, many within the empire had wholeheartedly begun to believe he was at least blessed by the Divine Light. In a decade or two after, that belief had changed to acceptance of his godhood. He continued to rule his sun-drenched, desert empire for a grand total of 124 years, reinforcing his delusion in the people with every decade he lived.  

The Mad God

Touting to many that he alone is responsible for the sunrise each morning, he has warned the people that his death would herald their world falling into an eternal night. Any suggestions that the people disbelieved him at first is unclear as all records speak of the God-Emperor with reverence.   He has kept the rains from falling upon the imperial palace, and the surrounding countryside, for the past forty years. Believed to be doing so a sign of his strength.
Divine Classification
Personification of the Sun (FALSE)
Current Status
As ashes contained in a static chamber within the royal vault.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
His Esteemed Holiness.
Date of Death
1727 AES 1900 AES 173 years old
Circumstances of Death
Was shot in the heart by a crossbow bolt fired by his eldest Doll, Tahu. Was subsequently beheaded by his youngest child, Rami.
Imperial Palace, Tariqean, Stamekia
Place of Death
Imperial Palace, Tariqean, Stamekia
Ice blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Golden-brown skin
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Stamekian (Native)
Udynean Language (Fluent)
Niholian (Fluent)


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