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Sulin ([Su] + [Lin])

Alchemist Sulin de Bahía Piedra (a.k.a. Su)

Originally from Stonebay and extremely weak when it comes to magical ability, Sulin wasn't discovered by The King's Hounds until his early teens. Once he was escorted to Demarn's spellster tower, he was roomed alongside the far more powerful spellster, Dylan and given over to a guardian who had recently had their charge sent off to serve in Demarn's Royal Army.  

Slave Market

It's unknown how old Sulin was when he wound up in the underground market in Stonebay. How he got there is also unknown as Sulin refuses to speak of his time there and, with spellster tower customs leaning away from speaking much about the world outside its walls, few ever dared to ask more than generalities. Given how wary he is around strangers, as well as how explosively he reacts to sexual advances by those of his own gender, it is assumed by the few close to him that he suffered at least some form of abuse by the slavers.   Whilst his outlook on hounds, in general, changed after the incident that destroyed the tower, he still considers those who stormed the market as his saviours.  

Tower Years

After the abuse he suffered at the hands of the underground slavers, Sulin was slow to trust his new guardian or even his fellow spellsters. This was taken in stride by both his guardian and his tutors as it's common for spellsters born outside of the tower to require time to adjust to their new life.   He was given an academic schooling befitting one born to the tower, albeit via one-to-one tutoring due to his age rather than in the bigger classes those younger attended. Being an alchemist, his magical training was limited to working with infitialis where he showed a natural affinity for moulding all sorts of metal. In his later years, this granted him permission to do more experimental work.   In his spare time, Sulin would tinker with the tower's various distilleries, leading to him creating several alcoholic beverages that he'd sneek into his quarters to either barter with or share amongst his friends.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

An accident involving exploding infitialis split his tongue. Healers were able to stop the blood loss but, because the injury was caused by magic-nullifying metal, they were unable to fuse the two halves. After years of having it, he's able to move both pieces individually.   Due to his work with molten metal, he has dots of scarring on his hands from sparks.

Special abilities

Weak magical abilities. Affinity for moulding metal, including the volatile infitialis.

Mental characteristics


Sulin makes it no secret that he's attracted to women, but few are aware that his attraction also extends to men and those who are fluid in their gender. The reason he keeps the latter two a secret from even those closest to him is not only because of the spellster tower's outlook on people with an interest in multiple genders, but also likely due to the abuse he suffered whilst enslaved at Stonebay.   Despite cracking multiple jokes about his lovers enjoying his split tongue, he tends to gravitate towards those who have little interest in physical intimacy. Whether this move is intentional or subconscious is unknown.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Sulin is deathly afraid of sharks. Even after living so far inland since his teens, he still has nightmares of watching a fellow slave be fed to one.


Contacts & Relations

Having come to the tower later than most, Sulin was slow to form the common close-knit friendships found amongst his peers. Unsurprisingly, his first friendship was his empathetic roommate, Dylan. And, through him, came familiar bonds with Henrie, HarrietNestria and, later, several alchemists cohorts.

Family Ties

Like many alchemist spellsters born outside the tower, who were often found by the hounds later in life, Sulin has limited memories of his parents. The majority of them are dim and largely encompass his mother. He has no recollection of having a father.   He remembers having a sister who wasn't a spellster like himself. They were given over to the slavers together, but were separated after the hounds raided the slave market. He has no knowledge of what happened to her.


Having spent his childhood in the coastal region of Demarn, Sulin still has the typical accent found there. The tone can be described as deep, smooth and undulating. It also habitually thickens and quickens whenever he's irritated.


Year of Birth
1869 AES 33 Years old
Stonebay, Demarn
Dark Brown
Black and coiled. Kept trimmed to no longer than an inch.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark Brown


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