Kignura Main Timeline Timeline

Main Timeline

  • 200000 BSF

    Evolution of Homo Sapiens

  • 170000 BSF

    First known clothing worn

  • 100000 BSF

    Migration from stomping grounds

    Homo sapiens begins to journey out from their earliest known homes.

  • 70000 BSF

    First recorded abstract art

  • 38000 BSF

    Earliest recorded figurative art.

  • 23000 BSF

    First permanent buildings

  • 18000 BSF

    Oldest recorded cooking vessels

  • 10000 BSF

    Neolithic revolution, emergence of agriculture

  • 9000 BSF

    Ojirech established; oldest known city

  • 6000 BSF

    First metal tools

  • 5000 BSF

    Invention of the wheel

  • 4800 BSF

    Earliest forms of writing

  • 3300 BSF

    Start of the Bronze Age

  • 3100 BSF

    Unification of upper and lower Bizhept

  • 2600 BSF

    Earliest known literature

  • 1300 BSF

    Founding of Judaism, oldest Abrahamic religion

  • 800 BSF

    Rise of the [greek] city-states

  • 776 BSF

    First recorded Olympic Games

  • 733 BSF

    Founding of Hume

  • 0 BSF

    Salvation's Fall

    A man promising salvation is accused of blasphemy, and is summarily executed for his perceived transgressions. Whether the tale is true or not, this was a turning point in history, dubbed Salvation's Fall. Years before this are known as Before Salvation's Fall(BSF), and years following are After Salvation's Fall(ASF).

  • 1096 ASF

    First Crusade starts

  • 1911 ASF

    First person reaches the south pole

  • 1914 ASF

    1918 ASF

    First World War
    Military action

  • 1939 ASF

    1945 ASF

    Second World War
    Military action

  • 1969 ASF

    Apollo 11: first manned lunar landing

  • 1990 ASF

    World Wide Web invented

  • 2012 ASF

    25 August

    Explosion in Phorosburg

    An entire block of this city was subject to a mysterious explosion.  The explosion left iridescent scarring on the buildings closest to the epicenter, and charred the ground black immediately under its ground zero.

  • 2012 ASF

    20 October

    A turn

    Apparently abruptly, things in the Digital Layer changed.  The World Tree started becoming rather despondent, speaking only through Toskr. Toskr is the one who relayed the discovery of a mining team.
      Supernatural Defense Initiative, meanwhile, works to quell cultist activity in the Stranwell area.