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Digital Layer

A strange place of computer technology intertwined with fantasy, not unlike some old TV shows, and written works of fiction. Due to its inaccessibility, some view it as merely a myth, a tall tale that's told to bolster views of technology.
Regardless of opinions, Infomorphs know of the truth, and though they're not sworn to any secrecy, for the most part, they have no reason to go inviting just anyone to the plane.

Notable Locations

Inlet Terminal: Appearing as an underground train station, with walls lined with monitors and input devices(keyboards, controller buttons, etc), this is the typical location for arrivals to emerge into. It's said that Ygg's decree forces entrants converging in the location, and there is always at least one Guard on duty in the station.
Guardsmen Headquarters: Sometimes referred to simply as HQ, it is headed, at present, by an advanced Guard named Andro-019.
Data-spring Oasis: A sacred place of healing and respite, its cooling waters glow a pale green in the nighttime. It is maintained by 'keeper's, who have erected a wooden and stone wall, with a trio of miwa torii at the openings in the wall, and engraved elaborate symbols into the stonework around perimeter of the oasis.
Ortus Village: A sacred place, said to be the cradle of many a digital creature.
Wygridge: An old town in the dusty eastern lands, with craggy lands further to the east, where various mines reside.
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