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Laedor Thilis

Laedor Thilis (elven for King's Swamp) is one of the Small Provinces within the Kingdom of Laeryll, just east of Dathyll. It has been part of the kingdom since the unification in 1903 BLC, but only received its name in 360 BLC, when Bothandal the Crafter claimed the territories as private land. Until that time, the swampy lands were considered to be remote, with the only town being Beltar a trading hub where solitary fishers and hunters sold their goods, and the only other settlement being the temple complex of Eil Kuar. The claim of Bothandal led to the foundation of Pellvyr, which was to become the administrative center of the region.

Fauna & Flora

The swampland is home to a sizeable population of bullywugs, who consider themselves to be rulers of the swamp. The bullywugs believe that outsiders are always looking to conquer their lands, as it is one of the few places where the bwerkberry grows, a self-fermenting berry that bullywugs use to prepare their ceremonial Bwerk drink.

Natural Resources

The Thracyll Mountains in the east of Laedor Thilis contain rich ore deposits and the waters of the Lake Motoko offer access to fish. Some agriculture exists within Laedor Thilis, but this is close to substinence farming. The forests and swamplands offer materials for woodworkers and other artisans. Some swamp plants, such as Sun Thistle and Black Dogwood are harvested for herbalist purposes and sold on the market.


Laedor Thilis regained popularity when the Invasion of Silimanis displaced humans and some of them found refuge in Pellvyr. The humans brought new economic activity to the region and Laedor Thilis is now visited by traders and adventurers alike.
Included Locations
Owning Organization
Inhabiting Species

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  • 1203 BLC

    444 BLC

    Reign of Thanyal the Singer
    Political event

    From 1203 BLC to 444 BLC, the Kingdom of Laeryll was led by Thanyal the Singer and his wife Alythin the Huntress.

  • 444 BLC

    5 BLC

    Reign of Bothandal the Crafter
    Political event

    From 444 BLC to 5 BLC, the Kingdom of Laeryll was ruled by Bothandal the Crafter and his wife Sanya the Watcher.

  • 360 BLC

    Laedor Thilis becomes royal ground
    Political event

    The Crown of the Kingdom of Laeryll has the right to designate a portion of the kingdom as 'royal ground', making it their private property. In 360 BLC, Bothandal the Crafter claimed the region between Dathyll and the Thracyll Mountains as his royal ground. Due to the large swampland in this region, the royal grounds were quickly named Laedor Thilis (King's Swamp).

  • 360 BLC

    Pellvyr founded

    Bothandal the Crafter sets up an administrative center for Laedor Thilis and invites entrepreneurial elves from the Kingdom of Laeryll to join him in the development of a new province.

  • 345 BLC

    Mining Privileges for Laedor Thilis
    Financial Event

    King Bothandal grants mining privileges to specific clans from The Porcupine and the Kingdom of Labar. The dwarven clans are Clan Arad and Clan Bordirūn. The gnomish Estates are the Fiddleflute Estate, the Dabblespeck Estate and the Fuddy Estate. Mining privileges extend to all sites in the Thracyll Mountains that border Laedor Thilis, with the exception of the Chicken's Beak area that is only accessible to His Royal Highness.

  • 301 BLC

    Council of Merchants of Pellvyr established
    Political event

    Bothandal the Crafter establishes an administrative council for local politics in Pellvyr that is made up of delegates with a strong economic stake in the area. He simultaneously appoints a town constable to oversee security. Since Laedor Thilis is royal ground and falls outside many of the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Laeryll, which allows the Council of Merchants to set up a parallel legislative structure.

  • 252 BLC

    First Raid of Laedor Thilis
    Military action

    Orcs from Lorr Tahak, attracted by the increased economic activity in the area, attack Laedor Thilis and raid Pellvyr and mining outposts.

  • 251 BLC

    Militarization of Laedor Thilis

    In response to the orc raids, Bothandal the Crafter appoints a contingent of the Royal Army of Laeryll to Laedor Thilis. In addition, he and the Council of Merchants hire dwarf mercenaries from Clan Bardor and Clan Arutan.

  • 190 BLC

    Expansion of Council of Merchants of Pellvyr

    After an incident involving extraplanar creatures on the magic market of Pellvyr, the Council of Merchants agrees that they should appoint at least one True Wizard as a member to oversee arcane matters.

  • 5 BLC

    21 Llorik

    Bothandal the Crafter dies
    Life, Death

    Additional timelines
  • 5 BLC

    31 Llorik

    The Laeryllian Diarchy
    Political event

    From 5 BLC to 10 LC, Queen Morsyana and Queen Galythiel ruled the Kingdom of Laeryll as a Diarchy.

  • 5 BLC

    11 Liath

    Laedor Thilis becomes province of the Kingdom of Laeryll
    Political event

    After the death of Bothandal the Crafter, the Council of Merchants comes to an agreement with Queen Galythiel and Queen Morsyana to join the Kingdom of Laeryll as a province. An elaborate legal document establishes that many of the exceptional rules and regulations of the region can be maintained. Laedor Thilis will share Province Keeper with Pothael.

  • 11 LC

    39 LC

    War of the Sisters
    Military action

    Between 11 LC and 39 LC, the conflict between Galythiel and Morsyana grew into a war that involved the Kingdom of Labar, the dwarves of The Porcupine, and virtually all human territories.

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    War of the Sisters
  • 12 LC

    Laedor Thilis secedes from Kingdom of Laeryll
    Political event

    In an effort to maintain neutrality in the War of the Sisters, the Council of Merchants secedes from the Kingdom of Laeryll. The Clans emphasize their loyalty to The Porcupine and the Estates to the Kingdom of Labar. The Council lays a claim to all territories in the region.

  • 13 LC

    The Porcupine supports Galythiel
    Diplomatic action

    The Porcupine provides a loan to Galythiel with which she can hire dwarven mercenaries for support during the War of the Sisters.

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  • 13 LC

    Trade Agreement of Laedor Thilis and The Porcupine
    Diplomatic action

    The Council of Merchants of Pellvyr signs a trade agreement with The Porcupine. As part of the agreement, Clan Arad takes possession of key assets and The Porcupine sends military protection to the area.

  • 16 LC

    20 LC

    Second Raids of Laedor Thilis
    Military action

    Orcs from Lorr Tahak, bound to Morsyana via dark magic, continuously attack Laedor Thilis to prevent the advancement of dwarven forces into eastern Dathyll.

  • 16 LC

    Dwarven troops arrive in Eblon
    Military action

    A large amount of dwarven troops arrive in Eblon, from where they set up a defensive front east of Silimanis and move into Laedor Thilis.

    Additional timelines
  • 20 LC

    Clan Arad takes control of Council of Merchants
    Political event

    The Council of Merchants in Pellvyr is fully replaced by members of Clan Arad.

  • 39 LC

    441 LC

    Reign of Galythiel
    Political event

    From 39 LC to 441 LC, Queen Galythiel ruled the Kingdom of Laeryll, together with her husband Duruth Ilbaereth.

  • 45 LC

    47 LC

    Construction of Khandar's Blessing
    Construction beginning/end

    To better defend Laedor Thilis against orc raids from Lorr Tahak, dwarves construct the fortress Khandar's Blessing in just a few years.

  • 51 LC

    Agreement of Khandar's Blessing
    Diplomatic action

    In the fortification Khandar's Blessing, Queen Galythiel and the Council of Merchants sign an agreement that sets the conditions under which Laedor Thilis rejoins the Kingdom of Laeryll as a province. The agreement states that ownership of all mining assets remain with the Clans and Estates that operate them at the time of signing and that the Kingdom can tax all trading activities in its province. The Council will continue to fund defenses against the orc tribes from Lorr Tahak.

  • 69 LC

    85 LC

    Third Raids of Laedor Thilis
    Disaster / Destruction

    Within a span of 16 years, a range of orc tribes attacked and raided Laedor Thilis, regularly destroying mining operations and killing workers.

  • 80 LC

    Destruction of Khandar's Blessing
    Disaster / Destruction

    In 80 LC, orcs from the Thurbynn Tribe destroyed Khandar's Blessing during a massacre that killed all inhabitants of the fortification.

  • 82 LC

    87 LC

    Abandonment of Laedor Thilis

    One by one, the dwarven Clans and gnome Estates that were still actively engaged in the mining operations of Laedor Thilis decided to leave the area as a consequence of on-going orc raids.

  • 89 LC

    Destruction of Beltar
    Disaster / Destruction

    The trading town Beltar was destroyed during a orc raid.

  • 441 LC

    599 LC

    Reign of Olyxx the Warborn
    Political event

    From 441 LC to 599 LC, Olyxx the Warborn (also Olyxx II), ruled the Kingdom of Laeryll together with his wife Basonda of Zhai.

  • 599 LC

    Olyxx the Young crowned King
    Political event

    In 599, Olyxx the Young was crowned King Olyxx III of the Kingdom of Laeryll. He is married to Queen Ceanna the Wise.

  • 724 LC

    726 LC

    Labarean invasion of Silimanis
    Military action

    In 724 LC, the Labarean Empire invaded Silimanis as part of its effort to obtain more human slaves. Fighting between the gnomes and the humans lasted for two years, but in 726 LC, Silimanis was firmly under the control of the Labareans.

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    Invasion of Silimanis
  • 745 LC

    Refounding of Pellvyr

    Humans fleeing from the Invasion of Silimanis entered Laedor Thilis in search of the remains of Pellvyr, where they resettled.

  • 903 LC

    12 Marat

    Bothandal's Mine rediscovered
    Discovery, Exploration

    Additional timelines


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