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Alexandria Karchedon

This ancient city was orginally founded by the Punics under the name Qart Hadasht, or new city. After the fall of the Punic homeland it quickly grew into the largest center of trade in the region. From here the Punics set out to build colonies along Hispania and Sicilia. Unknown to most at the time they even managed to cross the western ocean where they found new land.   In 434 AUC (Ab Urbe Condita) the city was conquered by Alexander the Great during his westward conquests. Afterwards the city was renamed to Alexandria Kharchedon. Alexander learned of the lands across the ocean but no Greek ships ever reached the western lands.   The account below is written by Roman historian Pompeius.




  The city, that we call Carthago, was founded in the mythical era before even Aeneas set out on his journey. Its story started when the Phoenician princess Elissa of Tyrus, who we know as Dido, fled her homeland. Elissa's brother, Pygmalion, murdered her husband, forcing her and several nobles to sail westwards. Eventually they arrived at the site of the current city.   Here she was welcomed by the Berber king Iarbas who gratned them refuge. She only asked for as much land as could be encompassed by an hide of an ox. Once the king agreed Dido cut the hide into many small pieces which she used to encircle an entire hill. On this hill the citadel of the city would be build.   Many years later the Trojan hero Aeneas arrived at the city after Iuno unleashed a storm on his fleet. Here Aeneas and the Trojans met Dido who allowed them to stay. But sadly Fatum (fate) decided it was not the end of their journeys. Iupiter send a message to ensure they continued their travels. In secret Aeneas prepared to leave but Dido got wind of his plans. She tried to persuade him to stay, but the will of the gods needs to be obeyed. When they left she cursed them and proclaimed that the Carthago would always be an enemy of the city that he would create. Then she threw herself on her sword after which she perished.    

Roman World Map

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  Many seasons passed and as our city grew, so did Carthago. It became a the largest power in the Mare Internum and soon even surpassed the western Greeks. The Punics sailed further west than any man had done before and even reached the Fortunatae Insulae, the mythical lands on which the great heroes of old resided.   But unknown to others at that time they travelled even further west, across the Occidentalus Oceanus. In this strange land they found other settlements which none but the Punics knew existed.  


  When Alexander the Great finished expanding his magnificent empire up to the far eastern lands of India, he returned to Babylon. The Punics, who feared that Alexander would soon turn his gaze westward, decided to intervene. They attempted to poison Alexander but failed in their endeavour.   Alexander, learning of this plot, decided to let Carthago feel his wrath. After replenishing his army he set out to conquer the remaining northern coast of Africa. Although they fought bravely the mighty Punic city eventually fell. The city itself was then renamed to its Greek name of Alexandria Karchedon.   When the city fell Alexander heard about the lands the Punics discovered across the ocean. He became obsessed with finding this land but was forced to stop his conquests at the Pillars of Herakles.  


  For too long Macedonian Egypt and its Alexandria Karchedon maintained control in the narrow straight. As our mighty nation grew so did the desire to trade with the east on our own terms. The clash between Rome and and the Egyptian satrapy had become unavoidable. Luckily Rome emerged victorious after many fierce battles and managed to conquer Sicilia. And although Alexandria Karchedon still remains in Macedonian hands the seas are now once more free for Romans trade.   Eventually the great Alexandrian empire was split after the death of Alexander VI and the civil war that ensued. And so the city of Alexandria Karchedon came under the rule of the Satrapes of Egypt at that time. Even after the split the city itself remained an important trade hub between the western and eastern parts of the Mare Internum.      
More about the city itself will be added in future.


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