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Colonia Australis

Colonia Australis is the most southern lying Roman settlement. Its name is also derived from its location as it translates to "colony of the southern wind". Although it is not the first Roman settlement in the Terra Occidentalis, it is quickly become an important hub. Its location makes it a prime starting point for expeditions which is why it is the Cohors Exploratorius resides there.   The account below is written by Roman historian Pompeius.




  The founding of the Colonia Australis happened shortly after the Sinus Australis bay was discovered. An expedition of the Cohors Exploratorius led by the great explorer Galerius Novio was given the task to explore the southern coastline of the Terra Occidentalis.   When they arrived at the bay the ships had been sailing westward for a few days. The explorers therefore believed they had already reached the most southern part of the continent. Upon seeing the bay the therefore decided to name it Sinus Australis, the bay of the southern wind. They deemed it a prime location for a settlement as the bay could be used safely hold many ships. Not late after they passed the information to Rome, the first settlers started to arrive and the settlement got the name Colonia Australis.   Something nobody expected at that time was, however, that it was not the most southern point. After a while the Cohors Exploratorius undertook a new expedition further west and quickly discovered that the coastline eventually curvers southward again.  

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Colonia Australis by kefkejaco with midjourney

Southern Hub

  As the most southern and remote settlement of the Roman nation, the Colonia Australis has an important role. Given its great location as a harbour it has become the new home of the Cohors Exploratorius. At first this was merely a encampent but soon a more permanent fortress was constructed. From here the brave explorers explore the new world in order to expand the reach of our proud nation.  


  What makes the settlement even more important to Rome is what we discovered in the mountains. The large amounts of gold and gems we found there brings many new settlers to the region looking for wealth. Colonia Australis is quickly become a great Roman story of success in the Terra Occidentalis. I am convinced that we will find more riches there and bring Rome's might to new heights.  
More about the city itself will be added in future.

Cover image: Colonia Australis by kefkejaco with midjourney


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Jul 13, 2023 18:24 by Molly Marjorie

Good start. I like how the farthest point then becomes the launching point for traveling even further.

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Jul 13, 2023 18:31

Thank you! :) Yes it seemed like a good place to continue expeditions from and nice location. Will expand it later on, perhaps during summer camp if I find the time :p

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Aug 12, 2023 06:41

New world, but not sure just what part the Romans have settled. There has been no mention of native peoples - who had occupied most of the New World lands.

Aug 13, 2023 20:45

The Punics were much earlier and decided to build cities in the carribian sea and yucatan peninsula. The Romans arrived much later and decided mostly to go south when arriving at Brasil. Did not mention natives here yet as I that will require some further research as this time period is less known in our world for the region and I want to stay kinda accurate if possible :p For the punic side I talked a bit about the Mayab in the Yucatan peninsula.

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Aug 13, 2023 15:41

I find it highly amusing that this article (at least for me at the time of reading) mirrors the city: A new place from which you then venture deeper into the new world. At the same time I wonder where on the Americas the romans landed? In any case, your article looks stellar and strikes a wonderful balance with letting us know the important bits, while not overloading us with new information <3

Yours truly, Nino.
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