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Galerius Novio

Gerhard (Germanic name)

  Galerius Novio is perhaps the most well known explorer within the Roman provinces. He is currently the leader of the Cohors Exploratorius and has led many expeditions in the Terra Occidentalis. The Roman settlements in that new world would perhaps not have been as succesful had he not found the best locations for them to thrive.   The account below is written by explorer Galerius Novio himself

Personal Life


Early Life

  As you can probably tell I am not like the average Roman. Like many in the Cohors Exploratorius I was born in the more remote regions, in my case in Frisia, a region of Germania. When I was old enough to serve in the army I joined the Roman campaigns to expand towards the Suevus. During this time I was mainly a scout and a quite good one at that. It was during this time that my desire to see the larger world grew.  


  New members in the Cohors Exploratorius will claim that I am quite hard on them and lack empathy. I see things differently, you can only see so many of your men die before you start doing everything in your power to make them persevere. I give them the skill and set of mind to survive in the harshest conditions. If that is not caring about your brothers, what is.  


  Being away for long periods of time does not make relationships easier. But somehow my wife and I have made it work. I try to return as much to her as I can between expeditions. With our household now in Colonia Australis, the return journeys are much shorter. My oldest son has even followed in my footsteps and joined the Cohors Exploratorius. But don't be fooled, I would never dare to give him preferential treatment over my other men.
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Honorary & Occupational Titles
Primus Pilus
Year of Birth
708 AUC 40 Years old
Germania, Frisia, not far from Flevum
Current Residence
Colonia Australis
Short blond but graying
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1,9 m
91 kg

Personal History


Suevus Campaigns

  I am not going to lie, the battles that I encountered during the Roman expansion towards the Sueves were fierce. No training can prepare a young soldier like myself for the horrors they encounter during war. Many of my friends back then perished before my very eyes. But it made me who I am and gave me appreciation for life and the discipline required to preserve it.  

Cohors Exploratorius

  When I heard about the creation of a new type of cohors to explore the mysterious Terra Occidentalis, I was immediately intrigued. I had already seen a lot of the world such as the vast forests of Germania, the magnificent city of Rome and the warm hills of Hispania. But setting sail for a new unexplored land was an opportunity I could not ignore.   As a more experienced soldier I quickly rose through the ranks and became the Primus Pilus, the leader of the Cohors. Under my leadership we have explored the gigantic river of the Naurakus, we travelled to the Punic cities in the Carthagicus Oceanus and we discovered the breathtaking Sinus Australis.  
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Jul 11, 2023 11:54

Here is a man that has been moulded in the crucible of war and emerged a leader! Always nice to see someone of rank actually care for those under their command.

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Jul 14, 2023 07:21

Indeed he make not look like it on the outside but he does care ! :)

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I like how you write different articles from different perspectives. It's a good way to see how different people view the world (and in this case, even individual characters)

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Thank you :) I thought lets do something different for this new world and the perspecitves ssemded like a nice idea.

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