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Astrocyan Realm Zero (Astro-sigh-ahn)

I do know the rules of this place because this one is my realm. The zero point that bridges all planes of existence. A place beyond place in a time out of time where all the ley lines converge in a giant supernova of creative energy. This is the magickal realm where all realities, dimensions and timelines overlap. To the novice, it is a confusing jumble not unlike a pile of tangled threads, but to the experienced weaver, it is a rich tapestry where skilled fingers can boldly weave any and all possibilities into reality. Enter if you dare, but be prepared to leave transformed.  


  Of all the Astrocyan Realms, Zero is the only one that anything is actually known about. It is the portal that connects all of the portals, and as such, its existence is a closely guarded secret. Only the most adventurous souls can brave the relentless pulsating energy of this realm for any length of time without being driven mad, or perhaps we were already mad to begin with.   Astrocyan Realm Zero is ruled by me, Alex the Creatrix, and I have spent lifetimes exploring this timeless realm. Once known as the Isle of Wild Strawberries, it is now a place of majestic skyscrapers and rooftop gardens where all manner of beings, both seen and unseen, live, work and play. There are places here where the bones of the land rise up glittering in the sunlight to provide strength and support. There are also other softer places where you can catch the scent of apple blossoms and hear the echo of fairies laughing in the mist at twilight. Bright yellow lions wildly leap up through the cracks of the concrete jungle and the never-ending hum of the great metropolis will sing you a lullaby whenever you find yourself in need of sleep.   I have sailed the waters surrounding this island for many lifetimes. This is my home. My heart beats to the rhythm of this magickal realm where you will find me curled up by the fireplace in my round red captain's chair sipping tea and listening for the whispers from faraway places across time and space. I see the images, hear the voices and translate it all into stories for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts that are open to the wonder of it all.
Alex the Creatrix by Alex the Creatrix
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