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In northern Hasehak, overlapping with what today would be considered a part of Kexist, the nomadic people of Ilaowi roamed.  


The Ilaowi people were nomadic, rotating from a pool of established towns. They had long had established settled areas that, when not inhabited, would be allowed to be overtaken by nature and its dominance. So the people allow for this, returning to overgrown settlements and working with the wildlife that moved in over the years of vacancy. The people would roam, living in a settlmeent for a few years before moving to the next one. They would feel it is time, nature would be knocking at their door and they woudl let it in with gratuity.  

Lingering Ideals

One of the peaceful cultures caught in the crossfire of the The Great Drake Humi War, the Ilaowi's ideals paved the way for peace. Their belief that nature is a force not to fight but to co-exist with bled into other aspects of their culture. Non-violence and coexistance extended to species far before it became too common. The Ilaowi people, firstly prodominant Muzoval became a refuge for drake and humi who wanted the fighting to stop.

There must be a balance with nature. Their nomadicism and allowance for nature to take over their settlements were the largest ideal lingering today. Indeed, the city of Loth's elegence with natural flora and fauna integrated into every-day life is loudly inspired by the past. The hope is that, by working with nature and not against, the city will have a longer lifespan. Druids are still a profession a few Ilaowi descendants take.


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Aug 9, 2023 05:18

Founder culture of the strange creatures - were they Rela back then or did it become evident in the war reactions? Do Muzoval keep nomadic?

Aug 10, 2023 16:47

In Kald, there isn't any "founding culture" of an specific species, just old cultures that may not be fully remembered. Moreover, the title of "rela" was created after the war, whether or not creatures would be considered such before is up for conjecture.   Many muzoval, and other species, are nomadic. It's more a matter of culture now rather than species.

Kriltch, arcanities not included.