Celestial Deity

The celestial deities of Jiwenia is a species that encompass the High Gods and deities that watch over Jiwenia. Charznos and Orain, are known simply as the creators. Under them fall Sun and Moon, their two children, as well as Darkness, who was a bi-product of Charznos and Orain clashing, and coming into being due to Chaoxian. Under the High Gods are all other deities: gods and goddesses. They can further be separated between the Top Tier gods: Cosmos , Nature, and Ludanis, then to Mid-Tier gods.  

High Gods

There are only three High Gods, and all three are responsible for the general well-being of Jiwenia. They each had a hand in shaping the look of it as well as creating the species that roam it. No species could be created without one of the High-Gods. Many temples will always have shrines for all three High-Gods, regardless if they worship said deity. It is said by many that spurning one's god favor for petty reasons is unwise and bound to bring destruction.   The three gods typically stay out of the affairs of humanity, allowing them to do as they please while watching from afar but it is not entirely unheard of for them to intervene when they see the need arise. Moon being the most precarious of the three finds herself in trouble with the Elytzi far often than not.  

Top Tier

The Top-Tier gods refer to Cosmos, Nature, and Ludanis. They are second only to the High Gods and garner as much respect as their parents. Unlike the other deities, the Top-Tier gods owe their existence to all three High Gods. Cosmos was created with the brilliance of Sun, the freedom of Darkness, and the beauty of Moon. While Nature was created with the warmth of Sun, the cynicalness of Darkness, and the wonder of Moon. And Ludanis was created by the chaotic nature of Darkness, the strictness of Sun, and the energy of Moon.   Despite their importance, many do not find temples with shrines dedicated to them, unless it is a specialized temple. Amongst the spirits, it is known that Cosmos and Nature are somewhat reclusive, looking over what they must and wishing to mostly stay on the elysian plane. Ludanis is seen and heard about far more but that is also due to mortals summoning him.  

Mid Tier

Known as Mid-Tier gods, these are any gods with specific roles. They are mostly created by the works of either just a High God, a High God and a Top Tier, or only the Top Tier goddesses. This is where most of the deities rank and is the most diverse area. This is also where most of the patron deities are. A healthy majority of mid-tier gods meddle in the affair of mortals.  


Also known as a Divine Hybrid, demigods are incredibly rare and are not created by normal means. A god and a mortal cannot reproduce, meaning that demigods are created by blessing/curse alone. Typically one has made such an affront to a god that not even death pleases them. Other times a god will mix the souls of both for their own personal reasons. Rarely is it ever a wish by the mortal.

Known Celestial Beings

  • Sun : The son of Charznos and Orain, and brother to Moon. One of the the three High Gods.
  • Moon : The daughter of Charznos and Orain, and sister to Sun. One of the the three High Gods.
  • Darkness : The son of Chaos, and bi-product of Charznos and Orain. One of the the three High Gods.
  • Ludanis : God of the Arcane.
  • Venari: Goddess of the Hunt and daughter of Nature.


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