The Elytzi is a group that is neither Celestial Deity nor High God. They exist in the elysian plane and are not known to travel to the mortal plane, unlike the other spirits. It is believed that, like all minor deities and spirits, they owe their creation to the High Gods, but even this is not certain. There are three Elytzi: En, Fate, and Chronos.   En is the spirit of life and death, the complete circle, the entirety of life. Upon death, one must get through En to find out what comes next. En is known to be unbiased and just. Their reputation for being such a great judge also means that those about to stand trial or pass judgment will pray to En for guidance and a just hand. The phrase, "En, guide my hand" or "En, bless these eyes" are common phrases. En is also responsible for reincarnation, depending on the culture, En will judge an individual for the ability to be reincarnated or to continue moving on, their decision is final.   Fate is the spirit of path and decision. A slew of legends exist that tell of Fate's job and how they continuously work to write out the paths for every living thing, including animals. One popular legend paints Fate as a spirit with a hand for all living things, each writing down an individual's future. Another says that Fate cannot be understood because, at all moments, they are speaking the fate of everyone who lives. Regardless, Fate is known to be cruel, manipulative, and unforgiving.   Chronos is the spirit of time and history. Chronos sits away in their study, recording the lives of all who are born and who die. It is said that after beginning a new page, they then send the parchment to Fate, it then goes back to Chronos upon death, and before being sealed and put in an archive is given to En for guidance in the final trial. Chronos is said to be quiet, observant, and honest.   Though it's not entirely unheard of, praying to the Elytzi is seen as strange amongst many since it will not earn you any favors. Even with this belief, a few large cults worship the individual Elytzi, specifically En, and have gotten remarkable turns of fate.


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