Chaoxian is an unstable element that can only be found orbiting Jiwenia Intro in the form of one of it's rings. Little is known about the element besides its unstable mannerisms, it’s abilities and components remain a secret. Many fear that the element itself is a living, breathing organism that, in its own way, guards the planet against stray meteorites and asteroids that could otherwise harm the planet and it’s flourishing life. This belief mainly stems from the fact that the Darkness was born from the element, leading many to believe that if proper conditions were met, it could happen again. Another reason of this belief is because of the forever shifting mannerism of the element, constantly morphing and brimming with unstable energy. Many believe that either the element is feeding off the magic that also resides in Jiwenia's orbit or that it is a different kind of magic all on its own.   If the theory of it living is indeed true, it gives more information to Darkness and the taint that exists within Cimmerians. It has long been believed that the taint is living and not simply a condition and, when brought out of dormancy, behaves more like a parasite that a simple disease.


Origin & Source

The element in question was created when Charznos and Orain negatively clashed for the first time, creating the element along with the planet, Jiwenia. Since then, it has orbited around the planet creating the thicker and more obvious ring of Jiwenia.
Iridescent Black
Common State
Related Species


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