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In the beginning, in the true beginning, there were two great creators. On one side, there was the great Orain. A great and proud figure who sought to create the perfect world, their dreams small, but shined brighter than any light ever could. On the other side resided the wise and quiet Charznos, a detached, thoughtful, and kind soul.   Though different, the two existed with one another in perfect unity, both realizing that one needed the other. There were times where their ideals clashed, and when they struck against one another, stars would form. When Orain grew heated with rage, meteors and asteroids rained down around them. When Charznos cried, comets would shoot across the blankness of space. Their discussions and debates slowly began to form the universe.
  One day, Orain and Charznos grew furious with one another. Clashing against each other repeatedly until stars stopped forming, and something else did instead—something new to their eyes. A giant planet rested between them, and they soon came to call said world, Jiwenia. They marveled at what they created, but the creation wasn’t without consequence. Both were weak from their fight, and the hatred they currently felt for the other caused them to retreat from the other. Unbeknownst to them, this separation created a sentient creature, weaker than them yet godlike in the minds of mortals. This separation caused chaos, and in this chaos, Darkness rose. In fear of the two enormous beings that he found himself in the company of, he retreated to the planet below.   It didn’t take long for the two to discover the presence of the lesser being. His presence had brought with it an ever-present chaos that the two found they could not easily ignore. Realizing what they had unleashed, they sought to again restore complete and utter balance. But they alone could not do this, not with this new presence. And so, they separated yet again, but this time they would do so without the trivial anger that their last clash held.  
From their clash came two figures that looked upon them in awe, and upon each other in love. One reminded Orain of themselves, and so they named him Sun. While Charznos could not help but see themselves in the other and called her Moon. The twins looked upon each other, and in their eyes, rested a love that only siblings could share. Their parents told them of themselves and what their eternal task would be. They were like them, they held a balanced relationship, and one could not exist without the other. They pointed to Jiwenia and gifted them the world.