The Broken Peace

The gods have abandoned us. Tossed us aside for their favoured children. We have committed no crime, and yet this punishment is ours.
— the Broken Peace
The Broken Peace was a monument that existed in the Terra Arcanaean city of Invideria prior to the advent of the Worldrend. It was a tall black obelisk inscribed with burning red runes, through which the population of Invideria and its surrounds expressed their upset, disgust, and hatred of the gods that had taken them away from all they knew and thrust them unto a paradisical prison for eternity.  
Shard of the Broken Peace by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
It was destroyed during the Worldrend, but like Invideria itself, was not truly lost. The Broken Peace has been found within the ethereal City of Envies present at times across Istralar in recent years, though relatively intangible and with its messages no longer written in any hand readable by mortals born today.   Additionally, pieces of the Broken Peace have been found scattered throughout the world; the largest found so far is a shard of obsidian-black that juts out of Tenaerul, though the shield around the twisted land and the horrific presence of the Afflicted prevents its study.   Given its great resemblance in colouration to the red-scorched plains of the Starsear and the presence of black-stone ruins similar in style to written descriptions of the Broken Peace and its surrounds, it is very likely that the physical remnants of the Broken Peace (or one of its copies from another Terra Arcanaean city) also lie within the Starsear.  
Utterly out of reach of mortal life, but perhaps persuable by any beyond mortal limits.
Ruins of the Broken Peace by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
The Broken Peace by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
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Monument, Large
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Though our loyalty and strength never wavered, it is we who were betrayed and cast aside. It is we who lost our lives. Pretend not that this facsimile is the same.
— the Broken Peace
Long before the Worldrend, in a time that is now long since lost, those born with or studying arcane magic were - despite having committed no crime - stripped from their homes and isolated on the prison world of Terra Arcana.   Crafted specifically for them as their paradise and their eternal prison, they were forced to watch the sparkling blue moon of their former homeworld, Istralar, every night.   They knew they would never return: that they would die here, and not even their remains would join their loved ones back home.
Moon over Invideria by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
It was not their fault, these practitioners of a new magic. They were gifted their strange magic by a deity, and witnessed the gods descend into fury and war over their own freedoms.   Not all survived to reach Terra Arcana; the gods' war left thousands murdered at the hands of divine servants.   Naturally, the people were furious. Their rightful anger and the utter injustice they had been through pushed them to build beautiful cities like Invideria, to reach further into the myths of the arcane than ever before.
And most importantly: they turned their backs on the deities who had so directly abandoned them.   The Broken Peace was a construction of thousands, spellcasters from across all Terra Arcana invited to lend their magic to its creation. It shook the very foundations of the earth when it arose, and each new civilisation that arose crafted its own version. Beacons of hatred and remebrance, of anger and regret: a love letter to the world they had lost, and a clear rejection of the gods that had wronged them.
Death to the divine tyrants who would condemn us. We should suffer no longer.
— the Broken Peace

Cover image: Broken Peace by Hanhula


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